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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Those Annual Physicals

Wow. I just realized I had two annual physicals back-to-back: my GYN appointment was Friday and my regular physical was today.

And both were good except for the scale, which I think is the cause of my overall mood swing over the past few days. It's just easier to get mad at the cold weather, which hasn't really bothered me until yesterday. And today. And I am just ANGRY about it. Abnormally angry.

I love my GYN doctor. She delivered both my girls and consoled me through my miscarriage. I remember, after finding out that the baby I was carrying was not growing, she grabbed me and hugged me. I said, instinctively, "that's okay" and she admonished me with "NO. IT'S. NOT." And she was right.

For both my deliveries, she was there the entire time. With CJ, she actually slept by my bedside. And she was the one motivating me to push. With Mi-Mi, it was just her and Tim - she directed Tim to hold my leg a certain way (I think I was sideways, or something...very odd position for delivery), and there she was, just yelling at me to push, or rest, or whatever.

I remember a nurse telling me, with CJ, that when she met Dr. Battle, she thought she was a doula and not the actual doctor.

When I see her for my annuals, she hugs me. She always asks about "her babies". And for the life of me, I know that she cannot possibly remember me specifically, nor my children. She's been delivering babies for a long time. And her office, especially the examining rooms, are filled to the hilt with pictures of all the babies she has delivered. She has been a one-woman practice the entire time, well, except for a short time of another doctor helping, but she's always been *my* doctor.

She no longer delivers babies. Just a GYN doctor now. I have no idea how long she has been doing this, but it has to be extremely long. CJ is now 10 years old and when I was pregnant with her, her office was already filled with pictures of past deliveries. And LOTS and LOTS of pregnanat women.

It's kind of sad, for me, that those are just memories. The office is now virtually empty. This was my home-away-from-home for two+ pregnancies.

But it doesn't take away from the fact that getting weighed last week was a major put off for me.

Today was my physical with my primary doctor. The first thing that happens is the weigh-in. And since I didn't happen to lose 10 pounds since my last weigh-in (which was yesterday), I wasn't any happier that the result had not changed.

But I love his nurse, so she picked up my mood a bit. She can remember me and remembers that we love watching The Biggest Loser. So we chatted awhile about that, playing armchair psychologist and/or BFFs of the people on the show.

Blood pressure was excellent. Pulse was excellent. Temperature was normal. But in my mind, I am seething over my weight.

Doc comes in and asks me questions. I don't feel like revealing anything new.

Shin splints? Nope. They're just tender.

Tummy problems? Nope. Just lactose intolerant. NOTE: tummy problems are still there. But so many tests have been ran on me with nothing but lactose intolerant. I don't have to drink any milk, or have any dairy product, to get tummy problems. So I don't think that's it. But I'm not a doctor.

Any sudden weight gain? ............Nope............

Any other issues? Nope. I am thinking: I just want to get out of here!

So I'm pretty healthy by his account too. Just some blood work and the dreaded urine sample, to check all those other things out. But before I head out, my doc brings up 'so do you know anyone who's done an ironman?'

He asked me this before. He is completely fascinated with the Ironman and wants to do one. Forget trying to run a 5K, or bike a small event, or even try a Sprint Triathlon. Let's jump right into the ultimate endurance event that one can ever challenge themselves to!

He even gave me his private number for me to refer him to someone who has done an Ironman.

Any volunteers?

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  1. I hate to offer the obvious.... but no sane person - athletic or not - would attempt to jump straight to the IronMan...

    He's my doc too - and knows what I do for physical fitness yet has never mentioned any interest - OR given me his personal #.. Sadly this is just an attempt by yet another man to try and score with my wife. Luckily I'm quite used to it.