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Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Week's Runs

Monday was a recovery run of 4 miles. I ran with $Bill on my manic Monday schedule.

Bill had suggested doing our recovery run on Black Creek Trail, which is one of the flattest stretches in our area. He had run 18 miles that Saturday and for me, I had no problem working in flat into my run...considering the alternatives we had.

It was a nice run albeit cold. I still braved the elements by wearing only a pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Bill had five and I had four, so we compromised for 4.5 @ 46:02.

Tuesday was crap. I had a pretty tough track workout: two mile warm-up; 2000m @ 10:30 then 800s @ 3:50 each. On top of that, I would be alone in my quest to meet this workout. And on top of the top of that: it was a cold 41 degrees with rain. But I had to do it or it wouldn't get done if I thought I would wait for the rain to go away.

From the get-go, I felt sluggish. That's not unusual with the warm-up run. My usual route is not friendly so I attributed it to the route. I had to add a couple laps once I got to the track to get to my two miles. There were a handful of faithful runners out there -- not many -- but enough to keep me company. I got a couple of "good jobs" from a couple of runners who lapped me quite often. Nothing beats that kind of comraderie.

The 2000m was fine. I felt like I was really pushing myself to make my 2:06 per 400 average time to come up with 10:30. 2:06 per lap is usually do-able for me -- not with ease, mind you -- but not an intimidating pace either. Today, it was not that do-able but again, I didn't think too much into it.

Perhaps one of my mistakes was not taking my 400 walk between the 2000m and the first 800. Instead, I just took a break at my start for perhaps, a minute. Starting that 800? My legs had that tired, tickly feeling of weakness.

All I could do was concentrate my effort on just making 200m, then 400m, then 600m, and try not to get overly-excited that I would soon finish the 800. I managed to eke the 3:50 goal time.

During the first 800, I thought: there is no way I can do any more of these. I debated about just stopping after this one. Then I paid attention to my fellow runners out there on the track, on these dreary, cold, rainy day. They were out there pushing hard too. So during my walk break, I decided that three more I could do. If I couldn't make my 3:50 time, at least I would do a time and allow Brennan to evaluate it.

Once I began the second 800 I felt relief because my legs felt good. I could do this. Until I rounded the curve, which is barely a few yards away from where I started. Once I rounded the curve, that same tickly, weak feeling in my thighs came back. I struggled again to just vision making each 200m to get to 800. By then, I knew I was done. I had nothing left and if I was just giving up, then so be it. I was beaten.

And being beaten, I still managed a 3:57 800m. But I decided I had enough and jogged my half mile back to the gym. Despite my disappointment, I was thankful that I was able to do what I did.

Thursday was a recovery run of five miles. Again, $Bill and I met for a run that, again, I had to struggle to fit in my crazy schedule. Bill had six and there was no compromise for me this time: I was doing my five.

I don't know what the temperature was but it was COLD. I was bundled this time. Run felt decent to me, despite the fact that my shoes kept untying. I wondered if I was subconciously tying my shoes so that they would untie :-). I got my five in 50:30.

Saturday was a long run of 10 miles. Bill suggested joining him and another friend, Erin, for their last 9 miles of their 20 mile run. Instead, I hooked up with them when they had about five miles left. They were beat...they had run a route we call Turkey Creek and it is not easy, no matter what direction you go in.

For me, I had a pretty good route so I was making amazing splits (in the 9:30s). Anything that happened Tuesday to my legs was the very opposite today. Hills were not easy but my legs felt strong and up-to-the challenge.

I managed to run my 10 in 1:47:17 which was the total time that included a good 10 minutes of lollygagging and a walk up half mile hill. So technically, it was a bit faster pace (and I did notice I had done 9:40s for my last two miles).

Now, if only I could replicate this feeling for Coach Bubba and NOT choke...

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