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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Save The Library!

The economy has affected me in so many ways. I am feeling it in the way I use my money and most especially, in the way I *sympathize* with so many people who are feeling it worse than I am. I am only >>this close<< to being in their shoes.

I don't think "whew - I'm so glad I'm luckier than they are". I think "how can I help them because it could be me".

So when I read that Wake County was considering closing library branches as part of their budget cuts, those same thoughts came to my head. One: this affects ME because I use the library CONSTANTLY.

I have always, always, been a library hound. It was my favorite place to be as a kid, including the few exciting moments that I was able to get on a Bookmobile and look at books.

And now, I pass on my excitement about libraries to my children. They love it. And I love it. We walk out several times a month with a buttload of books.

And the library I go to is almost always full. There are about half a dozen computers there and I see young and old, sitting there, surfing away.

And the best part of all of this? It's free.

It's always been free.

And now, when our economy is all to shit, government deems it necessary to eliminate a need for what has always been free.

Granted, I am being a little melodramatic. There are only a few branches that risk being on the chopping block. And one of them happens to be the one that's two miles away from my house. The same one that gave me a flashback to my 'i-need-anger-management' days.

But I like this place. It's convenient. It's small. And I can get any book I want thanks to the Wake County Library's nod to a great user experience and providing an online way to reserve books.

And it will be disappointing to travel a little further to another branch *but*, for now, I will be able to do that. Will my library companions be able to as well?

Not everyone has a computer at home. And if they do, not everyone has the luxury to spend money on internet access. More than that, not everyone enjoys spending money on books. And with gas prices, it's not feasible to travel across town to access these things. If anything, I have been thinking all along how we could use more small branches throughout the area, to make their services _more_ accessible.

I don't know where to make my plea to save the library branches but it will be done. I hope if any of you live in Wake County, or if something similar happens in your neck of the woods, that you consider doing the same. Whether it directly affects you or not -- and I think it will -- think about those of us who want and NEED this service.

Budget cuts could eliminate library branches

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  1. This is what happens when wealthy people stop making money. "Free" stuff disappears; so do jobs.