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Monday, February 02, 2009

Seoul Food

In January, I saw a tweet pass through my twitter account of this: I wrote "man that looks good" and got a reply that it was from Seoul Garden in Raleigh.

So I mentioned to $Bill that I wanted to try that place one day. I love going out for lunch but because my lunch hours are usually filled with something, I don't get to do it very often.

And not just going out anywhere: I want to try new and different and LOCAL places. And this one fit the bill PLUS it was Korean food, which I love (except for Kimchi).

So I asked Bill if he was up for lunch this past Friday and included a few of our friends. Well, it ended up being all of the IBMers that worked together...and Samantha. :-)

I had a bit of time finding the place, which was strange, as I had passed this place a couple of weeks ago and told Tim "I want to try that place!"

The decor was quite nice. I had been in this place (the location) before and it has looked pretty sad but the owners made this look like it should, a Korean eatery.

The menu was extensive but I was focused on the lunch box deals, like the twitpic. And I had my mind set on bulgolgi, which is one of my favorite dishes. But as I walked in, I noticed some kind of pancake looking thing that sizzled and smelled out of this world. Sam asked what it was and the server said "seafood pancake".

Instead, I stuck to my guns and ordered the bulgolgi lunch box.

Our server, maybe even owner?, was amazingly patient with us. One in our party had trouble finding something to eat and our server was helping her select something. She came back to make sure we all enjoyed the food and later, asked how we came upon this place.

This is the kind of stuff that I love about these little places. Service is more personable, even if it can be, um, curt (Breakfast nazi).

My bulgolgi was good but I have had it better. But everything else within my lunch box was amazing:

I would attempt to try the place out again one day. Unfortunately, it is not a quick trip from work *and* is in our "old" part of town (where we used to live), which is not a frequented route for us. But I would like to see this place stick around and thrive...

BTW, the empty square between the rice and bulgolgi was where the two pieces of california sushi roll were placed...I ate them before I thought "hey! i want to take a picture of this too!"

Seoul Garden
4701 Atlantic Avenue

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