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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Runs in Review

This is day five of running for me.

This is what happens when I end up doing my long runs on Sunday. But sometimes this happens and I just have to push through and quit complaining (yeah, right :-)).

Sunday was a run with $Bill: 13 miles. We hit 12-something, but it felt like a sluggish run to me.

Monday was supposed to be an easy three mile run. This was not easy for me.

My legs felt great all day, despite the almost-13 miles the day before. Just when I got cocky about being a born athlete, I went for my three mile run and found out that my legs are not as recovered from the day before.

Three miles felt like forever and I walked the two big hills that I encounter in my route. I ended up running almost 3 1/2 miles. My shins and my right ankle ache.

Tuesday was my track workout. I had a bunch of 400s to run. I still remember when Frank and I ran a bunch of 400s and they ended up being really hard.

Before I could even start my workout, I discovered that I left my running shoes at home. Great. I drove home and came back to start my workout a good half hour later than usual.

My two mile warm-up was not easy. My shins and ankle still ached; my quads and hams were tight.

Once I got to the track, I saw a few runners running their workouts, and the students of the school were out in the middle. Great. This is what happens when I run the workout later than normal.

The first four 400s were to be done in 2:00. This is do-able for me. Fast, but do-able. However, the next four 400s were going to be 1:50 *and* #7 was to be done in 1:45. Between those 400s was a 200 jog (a 400 walk between the two sets of fours).

One of the runners that I saw as I got to the track was an older gentleman who acknowledged me. As I got prepared to start my workout, he trotted near me and said something about me joining him for one more lap.

Uhm. No. I said it a little nicer, but not much better since I wasn't expecting him to ask me out. I had my iPod on too, so I thought "why are you asking me to join you? I think I look like I am ready to run alone."

It wasn't my intent to come across aloof. I said "i can't keep up with you", hoping a boost to his ego would be an easy "no". But he replied with "i don't have to go that fast."

Okay. A blow to my ego is not going to win you over. I think I was polite enough to say "maybe next time" and he went off on his own.

I had a hard time trying to meet the 2:00 mn mark for my 400s: 2:01, 2:01, 2:02 and 1:59. I could pump up a little knowing I had a recovery walk due.

But how the hell was I going to go 10 seconds faster? I was in full concentration mode to make the 2s. And it hurt physically.

And that dude was still talking to me! At one lap, he was off to the side, and he said something again to me. I think it was something like "push hard", but since I had my iPod on, I had no clue. I was just annoyed that he was still chatting with me. Did I mention I was in full concentration mode?

I gave him a thumbs up for acknowledgement. He did a few other statements to me but I decided I was done giving him any attention (like I could, since all I could do was run).

The next four: 1:51, 1:52, 1:47, 2:02. Yeah, the last one blew, but at least I picked up the pace on the seventh. Those were not easy and I continued to jog between each of them. I was pretty happy with my results :-).

Wednesday was a walk-run thing that I do with CJ and her BFF. This was not bad. Sure, it was a slow pace, but legs felt better than I thought they would.

Thursday (today) was an easy four mile run. I took the day off to ease the stress of juggling work with half day of school, getting a run in, and all the other stuff...which was a smart thing to do.

I ran iPod-less. Relevant tangent to the story: my iPod has the white screen of death. It stopped working for me after my Tuesday track workout. I loaded my KATG podcasts onto Mi-Mi's shuffle, only to find that it wouldn't play a thing once I got to the park to run.

I decided to count people - unique ones - while I ran. I usually do this while listening to my iPod, so it doesn't matter that I was iPodless. I just wanted to mention that I ran WITHOUT HELP FOR DISTRACTION.

I felt great during the run, although my shins are still achey. I hope it's not shin splints again. Especially after reading about some dude who ended up with a broken leg after running with shin splints!

I have an eight mile run Saturday and then its RACE week, as I prepare for Coach Bubba's 20k on the 21st. I'm excited but as usual, doubt has settled in my head about whether my goal of under two hours is worth it...

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