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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reverse That Feeling

Yesterday, I felt great during my four mile run and averaged 10 mn/miles. Today I felt like I gained 50 pounds, or had a weighted outfit on, and sludged through my four miles, to end up also averaging 10 mn/miles? WTF?

I did not want to run. I mean, I did, but I didn't. The weather was still pissing me off. Breezy and COLD. I am so done with the fucking cold. So I contemplated dreadmilling it. Or waiting until the weather would reach 55 degrees, the forecasted high.

But Tim had another plan: he was going to get me to get my run in.

I was home with my sick Mi-Mi. And after I got home from my annual physical, he was going to get his run in. Then I was to do mine after his. I told him I wasn't interested.

But he told me to get out there because if I didn't, I would be pissed. And I knew he was right.

So getting out there was the hardest part and I am thankful that I did do it. The harder part was getting the four miles in BUT I DID IT!

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