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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of the Greatest Moments of My Life...

...happens nearly every day as I wait for my youngest daughter at the door of her school, when her school day ends.

On the days that I pick up my girls from school, I saunter through the crowd of PTA snobs and/or other mommy cliques. Most are sipping their Starbucks (ugh!) and some are dressed to the nines or NOT. There are few that I mingle with...but if Tim was with me, he would be "hello"ing out the ying-yang. He's Mr. Socialite.

But I walk right up to a post that faces the double-doors that lead out to the buses. Walkers are released first and this is where my little punkins end up coming out.

Mi-Mi is first. Her class is on the first floor, in the same aisle as the double-doors: her class is on the very opposite of the hall as the doors that I wait for her.


And I can almost see her immediately, among the hordes of kids running to the double-doors. And there she is, running with them.

And she is all alone. She has been running solo from the moment that I had started picking her up. And she is so fine about it. She runs, confidently to the door. But before she gets there, if she sees me? Her face lights up. Her speed increases. And she runs to me with purpose.

As soon as she's out of the doors, she runs to me with a big hug.

And then we wait for CJ, who comes out of the door within seconds of Mi-Mi.

But CJ does not run.

She does not look at me.

She walks ahead with her friend.

And only until she has to cross the road does she look back at me and Mi-Mi, and not with purpose or adoration, but with tired boredom, as if "hurry up already. i have had a hard day."

But it's all good.

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  1. My kid is only 18 months, but I cant wait till he gets to that school-age. Great post!