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Friday, February 20, 2009

Movie Review: The Wrestler

Finally, another Oscar movie I have under my belt. And one I wanted to watch.

The movie was great. We watched it after our Valentine's outing this past Saturday. I wasn't sure how good it would be but it's right up my alley in the kind of movie I like to watch.

Somber. Brooding. Depressing. Callous. Violent. Gritty.

I am not a Mickey Rourke fan. I saw 9 1/2 weeks and for a moment -- way back then -- I had a mild crush on him (that's one raunchy movie...who wouldn't like a sadist for date? ;-)). But as with most actors, fame hit his ego and then I found him to be a real dick and a shitty actor.

But he was freaking amazing in The Wrestler. I can't believe it's the same guy. He was actually GOOD, EXTREMELY GOOD in this role. I can't imagine anyone else doing it as much justice as he did.

Marisa Tomei was great too. Not sure if it is worthy of an Oscar for her only because her character is not showcased as's not the focus of the movie...Mickey is (who, BTW, deserves an Oscar for this).

The odd part of Marisa's role is that she is amazingly gorgeous and sexy for her 40-something years. In my 20s I would have wanted her body. And we are introduced to her as an aging stripper, where young men make fun of how old she is. Um, they should have picked an actress that looked washed out because no amount of make-up could make her look bad. So that was a bit silly on the director/producer's part because she is no where near looking washed out.

And if anyone cares, she shows boobies. And they look real. And really nice.

And Evan Rachel Wood makes a showing as Mickey's daughter. I love her. She is an amazing actress. I've loved her since the TV show Once and Again and I try to keep up with her movies. Of course, she may be better known for once being hooked up with Marilyn Manson...which was quite shocking to me, but I am a HUGE Manson fan...

The story is very somber: a worn out, once famous, wrestler (Mickey Rourke), does smaller venues to make ends meet. His other job is working at a grocery store (ala Kroger). This big bulky man working at the deli counter? Yes, very funny.

But he's old. And he's hurt. And he's alone. He takes all kinds of painkillers to numb the pain so that he can do the "show" for the audience. He's well-respected by his younger wrestling peers -- and usually the plan is that he comes out to win.

The matches, even though they are fake and planned (and faked even more because it's a movie!), were hard for me to watch. I had to shut my eyes. It is pretty brutal. There is a battle with props that I could not watch: staple guns being used to thrown staples into the body. YUCK.

And he's in love with the stripper. But the stripper, we never know, if she really likes him or is he just another customer (he meets her at her stripper bar).

And then there's the daughter that he left behind. She's grown. A college student. Still living with the pain of a father who left her and her mother behind and never came back. But he returns to renew something in their relationship, only to end up ruining it again, most likely forever.

The movie isn't nominated. That's sad. It was a great movie. So far, the best of the year for me -- but I haven't watched very many.

I won't make my Oscar goal of watching all of the nominated movies. Just couldn't make the time. But from what little that I have seen, I think Mickey Rourke has earned his Oscar for this fine flick.

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