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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just An Ordinary Day...

We got up.

We ate breakfast.

I heard the rain beating outside and I knew it was supposed to be pretty chilly today. I asked Tim if he wanted to run in this and he looked outside and said "not really", so I canceled the babysitter.

I checked the temperature and it said 56 degrees. The rain was not that heavy so I thought I would go ahead and get my run done, since it was only five to six miles. I told Tim he should get his done too, because this was probably going to be the best it was going to be this weekend.

The forecast for tomorrow was rain and another chilly day and quite possibly, snow. And I knew I didn't want to run Sunday, as I have Monday and Tuesday runs and three days in a row? I can do it but my body feels it.

So we got our run done and it was a good one for me, running with Tim at a fast pace. Tim had another loop around the lake so I headed home, back to my girls.

We then headed out to Brier Creek to shoe shop for little Mi-Mi. Picked up some good buys for her and CJ and then we headed to Jason's Deli for lunch.

A few more errands ran after that: picked up dinner ingredients, gassed the car up, and Tim got his lottery tickets. When we got home, I wanted to take a nap which ended up being awesome. Anytime one drools during a snooze, man, that's got to be a nice sleep.

Then Mi-Mi gave me a massage and some of her temporary tattoos. BTW, you know how hard it is to find space on my back for little tattoos? :-) I really need to finish this one up...but that's for another post.

Tim cleaned up and set up Mi-Mi's computer downstairs. I got dinner prepped and cooked and we dined like the Spartans.

Afterwords, Tim and I enjoyed, frightfully so, watching Quarantine. This flick made me scream out loud, so it was that good for us.

So a very ordinary day in the life of the Huffman's.

The only difference with today? Tim's father passed away last evening. We didn't find out until this morning, about the time I asked Tim if he wanted to run in this weather.

Tim's dad had Parkinson's disease for several years. And for the last few, he has been in a nursing home. We see him every time we are down in Florida, visiting the family. And it's sad, heartbreaking.

But he wasn't always debilitated. He has visited Tim and I when we were newlyweds in Arkansas. He came to see us when we lived at Seymour Johnson AFB and also in our first purchased home in Greenville.

He had been mobile for most of the time that I've known him. But it's the last few years, when Parkinson's really took its toll on his body. His mind, for our quick visits, was strong and he delighted in seeing Mi-Mi and CJ.

I know it must have been a very scary sight, to see this man, barely able to talk, lying in a bed, and all the adults trying to get the girls to speak to him. Mi-Mi is young but CJ, my beautiful angel, always hugged her grandfather and never showed any "yuck" or "i'm creeped out!" attitude. She seemed to have an innate ability to know that it was the right thing to do, to give him affection, for him, for us, for whoever.

We have our own dysfunctional family issues but I told Tim to remember the good memories of his dad. I know that they are there. I doubt Tim will ever express that to me, to anyone, maybe not even himself, but it is a sad, sad time to our ordinary day.

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