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Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Those Little Things That Count...

I had a great day yesterday.

Not because I had a pretty good run. But that was one part of it.

Not because I got to meet one of the cutest babies in the world. But that helped.

Not because I got to meet up with some BFFs for run and brunch. But it did contribute.

What made my day so great?

Well, let me explain...

My running route was to meet my friends during their 20 mile run. Tim would not be running as he ended up having a sinus infection.

I asked Tim to help me with my route -- where I was going to meet my BFFs. I asked him to tell me how I needed to get out of Umstead, if I never ran into my running pals.

So he got out his Umstead map (which I ended up washing in my laundry...sorry honey :-)) and outlined where I would go, where they would be, and how I would find them. If I didn't, he told me the many ways I could get back out.

He dropped me off at my starting point. I would see him at The Cary Cafe, where my route would end. We gave each other a kiss and he said "Have fun. I have my phone and I have gear in the back in case I need to come get you."

Awwwww...he managed to make my heart skip a beat. My hero.

And fortunately, I didn't get lost. I found my friends. And enjoyed my run to The Cary Cafe.

As I ran to the cafe, I needed just a little more to hit 10 miles on my GPS. I ran along the street that is in front of the cafe, circled around, passed the cafe, and went around a Food Lion, circled back to end up in front of the cafe.

And who was coming out of the cafe to greet me?


He came out and said "right on time! I was expecting you around 1:48 (I was a minute and some second early, for the record)." He pointed out the car so I could try to help my disheveled self a little more presentable.

During our brunch, he mentioned how he noticed me running across the road and he figured I was trying to get my miles in.

Awwww...he's really looking out for me.

And then during brunch, I was cold. I don't know about you other runners, but I start getting cold within my own sweat as I cool down. I usually change my clothes but Saturday, I brought a change of clothes but no towel...

And what did my honey bunch do? He gave me his jacket.

It was as if we were newlyweds, his attentiveness to me that day.

And although he is usually very attentive, it just came at those perfect moments that make me remember how much I love him.

The best part? He took CJ to the mall to go shopping (she's 10 years old) so that I could take a nap...:-)

And I did.

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