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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Looks Like a Train Wreck

This is what I thought as I pulled into my driveway today.

I saw Christina, our babysitter, standing by her car. And strewn across the sidewalk were CJ's bike, Mi-Mi's bike, and a helmet.

But no Mi-Mi and no CJ.

I got out of the car and Christina gave me the play-by-play:

You just missed it all. I was five minutes late picking the girls up and CJ was immediately looking like she was in a bad mood. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing. She brooded all the way home and when we got home, I asked her again if she wanted to talk about it and she said nothing. She did her homework and then she said she wanted to go outside to play. But we had to wait for Mi-Mi to finish her rhymes, which took awhile. We went outside and they got their bikes and things were fine. Mi-Mi wanted CJ to follow some rules she made up and CJ was okay with it. But something happened and CJ didn't follow Mi-Mi's rules right, so Mi-Mi got mad and stormed into the house. CJ wanted to continue to ride her bike but I didn't want to leave Mi-Mi alone in the house. CJ said 'you can just leave me out here alone' and I didn't think that was right so I told her I couldn't do that. CJ said 'IT'S ALRIGHT!' but I told her that it's not until I ask your mom and if it is okay, then you can stay out alone the next time I come over. But I am not going to get into trouble with your mom and dad for leaving you alone and by the way, I don't want anyone to STEAL YOU!' So she got mad and dropped her bike and helmet and stormed into the house. I was just about to follow her back in and then I saw you pulling up into the driveway. So you are going to have some fun with them.

Oh the drama that a five and ten year old can bring into so many lives.

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  1. ah yes, the joys, thrills, and chills of childhood drama. they're working it out! how to get along, compromise, and find your path. sounds like your babysitter is incredibly conscientious!