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Friday, February 06, 2009

Incredible Stories

CJ and I have discovered another great show: "I Survived" airs Mondays on the Biography channel.

We have only seen one episode but the stories we watched were incredible. As you can imagine, the show is about people in near death situations that survived.

The episode we watched had account of three different stories: a woman is abducted, raped, and stabbed multiple times and left to die; a woman out for a run falls 60 feet into a Utah canyon, shattering her pelvis and bleeding to death internally; a man and woman are confronted with an intruder in their home, holding a shotgun to them.

The show slowly has the survivors retell their story. It is chilling. And scary. Tim and I have often told our children that the real monsters out there are not "things" we see in the story books; they are real people. CJ is beginning to understand this and this show sure didn't dispel our theory.

While all the stories are incredible, I am going to point out the athlete who fell 60 feet. It was an amazing story because she was extremely cognizant of her situation and was using her knowledge of the great outdoors to survive. That she could be so concious of what she needed to do was incredible, but even more amazing is that her dog ended up guiding rescuers to her.

Danelle Ballengee is a champion adventure racing, who, in December 2006, went for a run with her dog Taz in the canyons of Moab, Utah. During her run, she slipped and fell off a 60 foot ledge, crippled by her shattered pelvis. Amazingly, she endured 52 hours in the canyon, with her loyal dog trying to keep her warm in 20 degree nights.

At her lowest point of day three, she looked her dog in the eyes and asked him to help her. She had no idea if that dog could comprehend what she was asking. But amazingly, the dog ran five miles back to where she left her truck, where rescuers were already trying to assess her situation. They saw the dog, who then ran BACK into the canyon, leading them right to her.

In May of the following year, Danelle was back to competing and entered -- and completed -- the Adventure Xstreme 12-hour challenge. She was in a wheel chair just four months earlier.

I have a new show to watch now -- and I love my TV. And even better, I have a new hero to look up to. Hope she has a twitter account!

For more on her accident: Miracle in Moab: The Stunning Rescue of Danelle Ballengee

For more on her first race after the accident: Ballengee: How's This For Rehab

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