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Monday, February 16, 2009

Clockwise or Counter-clockwise?

This was the decision I faced today, which is: do I run this [a common] route going clockwise or counter-clockwise.

If I go clockwise, then I go downhill, run into a wooded trail, go up one BIG ASS hill, then continue downwards for a bit before I go up another BIG ASS hill, only to continue in an upward slant for awhile until it flattens out and then, a downward finish.

If I go counter-clockwise, then I run up, flatten out, then continue to run down for bit, go DOWN the BIG ASS hill, go up for a good bit, then go down the second BIG ASS hill and finish UP.

I ran the clockwise route last week so I decided to go counter-clockwise.

As soon as I walked outside to head over to the gym, I yelled out, silently, FUCK.

It was cold. And the freaking wind was blowing all over me. WTF? What is it with this freaking weather?

So. I was not happy. I became instantly moody and decided I did not want to run. But that doesn't mean I won't.

I just like to whine and complain. :-)

So I got to the locker room and one of my locker mates asked if I was going to run outside. I said I was and wasn't one bit happy about it. And continued to complain outloud to them.

But I got my whiney ass outside and despite my initial fury at the weather, it didn't feel *as* cold as I anticipated. And then I'm off.

I tucked my hands and fingers into my sleeves as much as I could, but I was pretty surprised at how great I felt. My legs didn't feel tired and very energized. And it helped to run downwards, so I took advantage of all of that and kept a nice, brisk pace.

I borrowed Tim's old, old iPod and listened to Keith and the Girl, so I was really really a happy camper.

But I discovered that what I thought would be a four mile route would fall short. I was so confused because the week before, I ran the same route in reverse (clockwise) and hit over four miles. I later discovered that it was not four miles but, in fact, three miles. I didn't know this until logging my miles because I was so perplexed by the mile shortage between the two.

No matter. I got my four miles in and when I looked at my time and splits, I was shocked. I was in 10s the entire run! What? How can that be? I felt great! I was booking! How did I end up not going faster than 10 mn miles?

So despite the great run, I fell back into a grumpy mood. What happened to my pace? And then the worst thing I could do, while feeling down? I decided to weigh myself. The first time all year. And it wasn't pretty.

So I'm inching more into that downward spiral: too cold to run, a slow run that felt fast, and now, I'm fat. What good is all the running if I just eat like a cow?

And no. I'm not even CLOSE to having my period...


  1. Eeek! I love your blog, but am 6 weeks away from a 10k race and will consider it a MAJOR accompishment when I clock under a 10 min/mile for a sustained period of time. While I mostly want to say I ran (not jogged) the distance, I am still jealous.

  2. Hi Lisa Marie!

    Don't get me wrong!! I spent last summer running 11 mn miles during my long runs, not believing I could go any faster during my race!! So 10 mn/mile is not a bad thing for me. It just was bad yesterday since I felt like I was flying, so I was disappointed that my pace wasn't any faster.

    And I am slowly getting faster, so it has taken some training with a coach to get me to reach some fast goals. But one of my PRs for my 10K was 10 mn/mi for years. I broke it last year, but to carry 10 mn/mi for a 10K will be a great accomplishment!! Good luck!

    What 10k race are you doing?