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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Chimpanzees Go Crazy!

No, not Travis the Chimp who, sadly, went berserk and viciously attacked a woman. [I don't know why, but this news story really bothered me all week.]

But Christian Bale and Bill O'Reilly.

What? You may these two guys have in common with a chimp?

Nothing other than freaking out and making complete asses of themselves.

This is pretty old news, well, especially the Bill O'Reilly thing. But it all came up for me while I was listening to February's podcasts of Keith and the Girl (KATG).

A few weeks ago, there was audio leaked to the media of Christian Bale throwing a temper tantrum on the set of Terminator Salvation (aka Terminator 4). I didn't bother listening. I don't care. But when KATG went off on it, I was hooked.

And it did remind me of a KATG segment played a year before, in which Fox News Bill O'Reilly throws his own temper tantrum.

What idiots. I don't know why people feel they have the right to talk to other people that way. The problem is that they CAN. They are rich. They are famous. They have the power. And they abuse it. Fucking nimrods, that's what they are. And they'll get away with it. And they have.

Here is the "great" Christian Bale with his outburst. From what I understand, he was in a very dramatic, pivotal moment of a scene (in TERMINATOR, after all, that must be one of the most dramatic films to be made ever, right?)...when someone gets in his line of sight. Not on the set. Not in the movie. Just in the greater than thou actor, Christian Bale's LINE OF SIGHT.

His fit reminded me (and KATG) of Bill O'Reilly's fit. So, here is Bill O'Reilly, way back when, throwing his own little hissy-fit over some dumbshit thing he can't figure out.

I don't steal movies. I don't. But goddammit, I wish I could take away their paycheck (so Bill O'Reilly is not an actor, but you get my point...) and let the others on the set get that part of their ridiculous paycheck.

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