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Monday, February 02, 2009

Book Review: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Kerry wasn't kidding about these big-ass books: they are quick reads! But that is because they are _fun_ reads.

New Moon is the second book in Meyer's Twilight series. This was a tough book to read, not because it was uninteresting, but because two of the four of us were reading this at the same time. I had to actually request a copy from the library to read it, while Tim finished the copy I borrowed from Samantha.

The new dilemma was almost having three of us reading Eclipse at the same time, but CJ just finished it and now Tim will start. I'll start on the next book club choice and hope Tim will finish it so that I can read it after this one. But just in case, I am on the waiting list for the library copy.

Back to the book.

As with CJ, and millions of girls and women who have read Twilight, I am madly in love with Edward Cullen. So I could not wait to sink my teeth (pun intended) into this one. I wanted Edward back in my life.

And he was. But only momentarily.

And then New Moon became Twilight Part Two: the same story with a werewolf instead of a vampire; and friendship instead of undeniable love.

Then toss in a brooding teenaged girl and, well, it gets a bit annoying.

I continued to read, knowing that Edward would return at some point. But this one was just not as heartstopping, palpitating, making my tummy turn butterflies, as Twilight was.

And unfortunately, the story regarding Bella was just making me want to slap her silly. Probably because this is exactly how a teenager would act, but I prefer to think that Bella is more special than a typical teenaged girl. After all, she captured the heart of Edward!!

When Edward finally appears in the storyline, it is under such absurd circumstances that I thought: what happenied Stephenie? This is just plain silly!

And it didn't get much better. Can you say Harlequin Romance?

For the men who have not been exposed to a Harlequin Romance, here's how it goes:
Rugged, muscular, adonis-like man, who is wealthy and powerful beyond means, falls in love with naive, "i-don't-think-i-am-very-pretty"-but-is-really-the-most-gorgeous-woman-in-the-world, vulnerable virgin. Said vulnerable virgin hates to love this man (or loves to hate him) and no matter how OBVIOUS it is the man loves her, continues to believe he does not and yearns for his love.

And this is the exact plot of the end of New Moon. Edward loves Bella and touches her face, kisses her head, nose, lips, etc. Stares adoringly at her and Bella continues to think "aw shucks, he's just being nice to me."


This will not stop me from reading the next two books in the series. Edward is much too strong for me to resist. But Bella is going to need to grow up soon or I'm going to end up hating her. And become disappointed in Stephenie, after all the wonderful characters I've read from The Host and Twilight...

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  1. I totally agree with you about Bella being annoying with all her brooding. And the lack of Edward in this book was really disappointing to me.