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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This was a different workout for me: warm-up mile to the track; run 1 mile @ 8:30 pace on the track; run 20 minutes @ 9:30 pace on the road; run 1 mile @ 8:15 back on the track; 1/2 mile cool down back.

I didn't think too much about how hard this would be. I knew it would be but it was soooo much harder than I forecasted.

My legs were sore from my four mile run on the dreadmill yesterday. I skipped my long run this weekend, so that wasn't much help...which is what I figured made my legs feel more tired today.

The warm-up was fine. It was a crappy day but we ($Bill, Tim and Frank) ventured out anyway. It wasn't that cold -- I wasn't bundled up like Tim was. I really wanted to crack on him for being so overdressed.

I'm glad I didn't because the drizzle of the misty rain, my sweat and then the wind chilled me to the bones and I thought: why didn't I bundle up like Tim???

We all had different workouts: $Bill was doing a 3x2 mile run (he's training for a marathon); Tim was doing his fastest mile ever (he managed to do a 5K in 7:21 pace) and I had the above. Frank, who should be resting because he has a hole in his heart and will have a heart "procedure" done in a few weeks, joined me in my workout. That was good as I needed him to keep me going...

The 8:30 mile was hard but doable. For some reason, my left bicep/tricep ached while I ran and I could feel every bounce make the ache even more, um, achier. I did NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL.

But we did it and we decided we would run 10 minutes out on Harrison Avenue, then return for the last 10 minutes.

Going out meant downhill on Harrison, with a return of, well, going up. We went out at a part, however, that made us go UPHILL, which seriously, my legs were like Gumby and I thought "there's no way I can do this". But I knew that it would flatten out and then, AHHHHHHHHH! downhill...

And thank goodness I thought that way because we survived the hill and managed fine and the first mile was exactly at a 9:30 pace.

We didn't have to go too far down Harrison Avenue before we turned around to hed back. It really wasn't as bad as I thought: I kept my head down and just dug in and ran. Frank was right there with me which helped me keep my focus. At some point I think: I have to keep Frank running too.

Then I realized: yay! that terrible uphill we had to run will now be our finish!! And the second mile pace was 9:17.

Now it was on to the last mile, which was an 8:15 pace which pushes my limits...and already, I have pushed those today.

Tim was finishing up some 800s and I jokingly say "wanna do my 8:15 mile with me?" He must have been feeling good because he said yes!

So we begin and I feel okay. Tim is with me and Frank is not far from me either. By the third lap, Tim is a step ahead of me and now, my legs are back to feeling like gumby and I get that a small feeling of panic that I can't finish.

I actually just want to yell at Tim for running a bit faster than me and I feel like he's trying to pace me. So why would I yell at him? He's doing me a favor *and* running another mile outside of his own workout! But yet I want to get mad at someone and he seems the likely target.

But I don't and just push through. That third lap -- the second to the last lap of the day -- was my hardest. My legs were just screaming at me to stop...oh wait. I think it was my head doing that.

So the last mile ended up being an 8:10 :-).

I seemed to do okay until sometime mid-day, after sitting at my desk for a bit, I got up to put my yogurt in the fridge and I felt like I just ran a frickin' marathon (well, whatever that must feel like)...walking bowlegged down the hall.

I get a day off tomorrow - not entirely...I still have a workout, just not running. Then its six miles on Thursday...however I can fit it in since I'm in a fricking 9-5 meeting!!

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