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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Speed Play

I ran five miles today (with a one mile walk-slow jog back home, since I'm not very good at estimated where I'll end up on my route to finish in a timely manner). The workout was five miles @ a 9:30 pace, with five one-minute speed plays. I had never done this type of workout before but on top of that, all I wanted to do today was sit on a big chair and take a nap, eat, and/or read.

But reading through my tweets, I noticed a lot of my runner friends going out for a run. I purposely added runner twitter friends to read about their running but not necessarily have any kind of "peer pressure" from them to get me running. So there is a side effect of sharing interests: they will influence my own stubborn attitude. It wasn't like "oh, cool they're running - I'm going out to run too!" It was more like "those bastards are showing off and I don't want to be left behind...I can run too, dammit!"

Hey - whatever works! I'll take it and be mad about it, but in the end, I'm happy and thankful that I have a competitive nature with them.

But when i got out there, 9:30 sure sounded too fast for what I wanted to do today.

I started off and hit traffic at a major intersection. This was great because when i began again, my legs felt better. Then at the almost one mile mark, my ipod fell out of my pocket and I had to go back for it. This wasn't looking good.

It never really _improved_ but I managed to do sub 9 minute miles (with my one minute of speed play) for four miles. The second mile was actually an 8:14. My last mile, where I was just puttering out, was 9:15, so overall, I did pretty good.

It certainly wasn't my favorite workout. I think it had more to do with the fact that I would rather veg out than run, but I was thankful, during that first mile, that I was out there doing it. I need to discipline myself and yes, not every workout will be that great run, but the fact that I did it, at the pace that I did, made me proud to do a crappy workout. :-)


  1. thats pretty good speed. i hate intervals/speed play stuff cuz it just burns my lungs out. if u r looking to get faster, and not get injured, try tempo runs. hold the speed you can keep for an hour (your 10k to half marathon speed) and run about three or four miles. you know, do a two mile warmup, then do the 4-mile tempo run. try it once a week and you'll be amazed at the results. happy new year to you and yours, by the way.

  2. Thanks Kevin! I'll try the four mile tempo out. I've done a three mile tempo before and it's still a doozy, but I am looking forward to doing more miles at a faster pace.

    You've heard that saying that too many people stop before they really need to? That is me...once I get a little scared, I back off. I'm fighting that fear this year!!!