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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Runs In Review

This week was tough.

And it's been tough for me mentally for the past few weeks.

Tim's work schedule interferes with my Saturday runs. It's not his fault and I'm not placing blame. I support his schedule. It's just a fact that it makes it difficult for me to get my run in on Saturday.

So last week's long run was run on Sunday. I ran eight miles without a big physical problem. Mentally, of course, is just getting out there -- which has been a battle for a good couple weeks.

Usually, it may be one or two runs that might be hard for me to get motivated to do. But lately, it's every run. I started the year off fired up and then it quickly became extinguished. The good thing about all of this is that I *am getting the runs in* despite the lack of motivation.

So back to Sunday's long run. Not bad but Monday came along, which is my recovery run day. Monday is all about getting my legs ready for Tuesday's hard, speed workouts.

I felt good about Monday's run because as a recovery run, it's usually an easy pace and low miles. I was scheduled for 3-4 miles, which I was gung-ho about until my coach suggested that I cut it back to 2-3 miles. No problem, I think. I was going to do three anyway.

I didn't get my run in during work hours -- which is the optimal time for me. But again, Tim has a hectic schedule this week so I had to leave earlier to pick up the girls. And Mondays are so freaking busy with meetings that I have no time to do anything except count how many steps I take between the two buildings I walk to-and-from during my work day.

So I decide to run two miles around the neighborhood, after picking the girls up. Again -- motivation IS NOT THERE. But I think, two miles is nothing.

I leave and hit the neighborhood sidewalks. I discover half a mile into it -- and as if I didn't already know this -- that my 'hood is lumpy. Although there are a couple of dramatic hills, for the most part, it's small inclines up and down. Not that noticeable unless you are running on tired legs from just the day before...and stressed...and unmotivated, which means I want this done already.

I pretty much begged for two miles and got those in. But the very next day my legs were dead. And Tuesday is my BIG workout...the one I usually look forward to...the track workout that tests my physical ability but pushes me mentally (in a very good way)... I look forward to these runs because they take care of me psychologically and have me believe in myself.

So I had it in my mind that I had 3x1 mile @ 8:40 pace. I knew it would be tough with the way my legs were feeling but I just tried not to think about it.

So before I met one of my great motivators ($Bill) for the run, I double-checked my workout and saw this:
2 miles warm-up; 4 * 1 mile @ 8:40 (400 walk/jog b/t each); 1 mile cool down

Great. I had to figure out how I was going to get THREE in and now I have FOUR!!

I grab Bill and complain and whine to him: I think I'm getting a cold. I have a headache. My legs ache. My neighborhood is lumpy. It's too cold. I want to hibernate.

I think he's used to this but I'm sure he probably gets tired of hearing it. :-) But he says nothing and that's all I need because in his mind, we are running (and my mind says the same thing).

His workout was not track but an easy five mile run. He was joining me for two of those :-). We parted ways and I headed to the track to figure out how the hell I was going to get my legs to hit 8:40 for four miles.

When I got to the track, the fast people were there (my coach's husband, who is another great motivator). There were also some 'professional' runners there. It reminded me of when Marion Jones used to come out there (I miss her and still admire her). I gave a friendly nod, smile and hello and went on my way to start my workout.

I figured I would go for three. It wasn't easy. But even though the fast people are fast, I was inspired because they are out there, running in the cold, and hurting as much as I am. It's all relative. So I did it and got my four miles in.

Bill did a drive-by during the end of his run to see what I had left. I still had another mile at that time. But I was very happy to see him and that I was still out there for him to see me!

I was relieved to get those three days done. But I missed my Wednesday workout (just did NOT WANT TO DO IT)...oh, and BTW, I started Monday's strength training, only to stop five exercises into it because I also didn't want to do it.

I did get my Thursday run in and again, I did it out of duty vs. wanting to do it. I got a 10K run in with my cohorts (Bill had seven).

Friday is swim day. Didn't do it and maybe only half-heartedly wanted to do it. But I let my stress talk me out of it.

Saturday -- yesterday -- was another day that Tim worked so I didn't get my run in. My company had a party in the evening so I was very concerned about how I would feel Sunday to do my run.

I didn't do too bad and kept the drinking to a minimum (for my usual). But I waited until close to 4PM today (Sunday) to get my run in. Do I need to repeat that I have no motivation and today was no different?

And what does 10 miles sound like to someone who doesn't want to run any?

So instead of going to Umstead and doing my ten, as I envisioned, I stuck close to home and looped a 2.25 mile lake four times.

But it was necessary: it was darkish due to the weather (cold, cloudy and rain), it was raining (where it had been sleeting earlier in the day), it was 38 degrees.

I passed only 23 distinct people around the lake. Only four of those were runners, one of which I passed twice during our loops. So the lake was virtually empty of people. But I kept going, feeling relatively safe even by myself.

And guess what? I got 10 miles in. How? I have no idea. But I'm tickled pink that I found the gumption to do it. My legs are screaming at me as I write this but, so what? I got all my runs in this week on NO MOTIVATION...but DETERMINATION. And I like that.

And I hope I can do that again!!

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  1. Great job this week, it was a tough one, Coach Bubba is 1 month away and awaiting your return :-)