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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Brenna!!

Brenna the dog turned three years old today.

Mi-Mi was doting all over her and would come by and tell us "Brenna really wants to have a party"..."Brenna is sad she doesn't have any gifts"..."Brenna wants a cake" was very cute. But since I had just purchased a new, almost $4 collar for her, I wasn't spending anymore...okay, well, I also got her canned dog food, which throws her whole digestive and "other end" system off, so I felt like I did a lot already...

Brenna is a WONDERFUL dog and fits so perfectly in our family. She asks for very little and prefers to lay around and do nothing. She doesn't bark (but the cat is loud and meows, in different forms, all night and day), growl, or anything that sounds like anything, until she's excited (and usually the girls are responsible) or one particular dog - in a three week time period - merits a bark/growl from her, as they pass by in front of her house.

She has a little bit of obedience training that we stick to and listens to basic commands. One day we'll do more but for now, it's just "one day".

She is crate-trained, which we had never, ever did with any of our previous three dogs and let me tell you, it is WONDERFUL. She often goes into her crate on her own and just lays there, while we all are sitting around her. All we have to say, when we leave the house, is "crate" and she runs excitedly to it and lies down, and we shut it and she seems fine.

She is just sooooo easy. And from the day we got her, she has been this way.

I found Brenna from a "mug shot" from my work's bulletin board. I often look at all the "adopt this dog" ads and think "wow, I would love to adopt each and every one of these!" But at the time, we were on our last of three aging dogs. And dealing with aging dogs is physically, and most of all, emotionally damaging. Oh, let's not forget the financial burden too.

Tim was ready to be done with dogs after the last one passed. We needed a break from clean-up, forcing pills, buying special food, doing IVs, vet visits, and just watching them grow old and become debilitated from the dogs we had for the first 10 years. It's as if overnight, our dogs became suddenly OLD. It's heartbreaking and we wanted to take a break and be dog free for a bit before adopting a new one.

But in my eyes, we provided a home for three orphaned dogs. Three dogs' lives that we saved. And now we had room for two more. But I also knew it was hard work, so there was a tug-of-war in my mind and heart on whether we should consider another dog.

But I tend to be more driven by emotion so every once in awhile, I would send Tim pictures of the dogs that I looked at in these ads. He would blow me off and I would know that he was right.

Then one day, I saw this picture of Brenna:

It was from HEART pet rescue and they were looking for a foster home for Brenna. I e-mailed the picture to Tim, who replied "Damn, that's a cute dog. It's your call."

What? Is he opening the door and letting ME decide if we can have this dog? I wrote him back and he said something to that was in my court to decide.

Well, I tried to rationalize it....for about 1 minute...then quickly wrote the lady back and said "is this puppy still available?"

She called me and we talked and she said she would have Brenna with her at a pet store in Raleigh...we could come see her. She warned me that "brenna is a big dog...much bigger than she is in the picture". I didn't care. Tim wants big dogs anyway. I prefer older ones - since they are less adoptable, but these weren't selling on Tim.

So I told Tim that we could see Brenna at the pet store that evening. I mentioned it to the girls, who were excited and off we went.

When we got there, I saw her immediately. But there were other dogs, puppies, and the girls went to look at the other ones. Tim went straight to Brenna. And we left with Brenna.

She was sooo calm, and not anxious. She didn't whine at all during that initial time. She was just instantly right at home with us, even though we still had our geriatric dog, who has NEVER BEEN dog-friendly (even to our other two dogs, when they were alive)... But Brenna ADORED Soc (the older dog) and followed her around like, well, a puppy!

Soc tolerated her to a point, but as soon as we heard that notorious growl, or see her look, we would make sure to get Brenna away.

There was even a day that Brenna tore the screen off the screened porch and managed to get free, with Soc following after. We weren't at home and when we drove into the driveway, there was a surreal image seeing Soc trotting down the sidewalk to our house. It was odd but I couldn't place why it was odd until Tim said "what is Soc doing out there?" Oh yeah! She's supposed to be IN the house!

I thought we would never find Brenna. She was six months old, new to the neighborhood, and fast. She was long gone. But Tim yelled her name and she came out of nowhere, at 100 mph, excitedly rushing towards him. And she's been pretty much with us ever since...she had her chance to flee, but chose to stay. We were meant to be together.

Here's Brenna today, at three years old...and yes, the date the HEART people had on her certificate was January 1st, 2006:

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  1. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it and it brought back memories of our last dog, Oscar. -James Lamm