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Monday, January 19, 2009

Do you know how Martin Luther King Jr. Died?

This is what my five year old asked me over the weekend. With her, the question is not to be answered with a yes alone. It should be an answer that opens up the forum for her to talk about what she's learned.

So I said "yes, but I want to hear what you heard about him".

So she starts, and of course, I'll paraphrase:

There used to be fountains where people could drink water from. Black people had to drink from a fountain for only black people and white people drank from a fountain for only white people.

Also, there was a bus where African Americans could only sit in assigned seats.

And did you know there were schools for black, African Americans, to go to and white people went to other schools?

So Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to change all of that because he didn't think it was fair. But somebody didn't like that he wanted to change it so he shot him.

The End.

Wow. I loved hearing her tell me this. And it's amazing to hear it retold back, to think we actually had, in recent times, an environment like that. It's like comparing technology now to 10 years ago. Or even how cavemen existed! It's just so ass-backwards that it is incomprehensible that there was that much ignorance a few short years ago.

Yes, ignorance still lives today but so much has changed in just the past year that throws that shit under the bus.

My daughters have been exposed to women running - and winning - political positions, running for office of VP and President. And a black man who ran AND WON the presidential election.

This is their norm. And I believe Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud and privileged to see all of this happening, as I am.


  1. What a nice story. (-:
    I think it's cool that you post about historical events on days like this.

  2. This is a cute story. Your 5-year-old is pretty smart.