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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Burn Out

I have been lagging on the blog the past week mainly because I am truly burned out by the time I get home.

The schedule has been stressed: get the kids up and ready, get me up and ready, deal with the myriad of meetings throughout my work day, get my workout in, etc. etc. etc. It was sort of a shock to the system to go from a nearly two week break free from this hurriedness. So by the time I get home, I do not want to do a thing on the computer. I simply place it out of reach (from my favorite sitting chair) and let Mi-Mi take over it.

BTW, random observation: anyone notice that kids' online games are using the same mechanics as porn? I get a ga-gillion pop-ups that makes my laptop sludge along (with all the flash animations playing) after she uses it.

I need a spark or just less stress to get me back into my groove.

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  1. Thanks for making the last two entries (especially the 25 things about you one). I enjoy reading your blogs and miss them when you don't do them.