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Sunday, January 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on Facebook and it ended up being a "25 Random Things About...<-insert_friend's_name_here->".

What that means is: friend writes 25 random things about theirself and tags 25 of their friends, for them to read and hopefully, turn around and write 25 random things about themself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about my friend and started thinking of things about me to post. I did and now, I will share the same thing on my blog.

1. I was born in Japan but I am not Japanese.

2. I married my husband when I was 19 years old, after only knowing each other for two months.

3. I did not want children. I changed my mind and had my first child at 29, 10 years into my marriage. I had a miscarriage with the second :-(. I then had Mia almost five years after Cerina.

4. I named Cerina after Serena the brunette sister to Samantha from Bewitched. Mia Star is named partly after a cousin and a cool hippie name.

5. I am very anti-religious but I pray.

6. I think black is the only color that a car can look good in.

7. I love Judge Judy.

8. My food weaknesses: mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

9. I graduated from East Carolina University with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Math. My senior project was an ADA-like compiler.

10. I think the smartest people in the world are the most humblest, with that hint of confidence, who are willing to educate others as well as themselves.

11. I took organ lessons as a kid.

12. I have thought about going back to school to be: a lawyer, a statistician, a psychologist.

13. I want to coach middle school and/or high school runners (track-n-field) and volleyball athletes.

14. I hate diamonds. And I become extremely unimpressed when I see big diamonds on others. I still have my 1/4 carat diamond that Tim and I picked out because of sentimental reasons. And until I figure out a cool tattoo to replace the wedding ring.

15. My husband still makes me laugh after 20 years of marriage. And because he can still piss me off like no one else.

16. I am an only child.

17. I used to smoke. Marlboro.

18. I went to three high schools. Unlike the Wake County Public School System's mess, my high schools were in different areas: Florida, Guam and Arkansas.

19. Before moving to Raleigh, the one place I lived for a lengthy time was Balibago, Philippines: 1976-1982 (2nd-7th grade).

20. I was waiting for a hop (plane) back to Guam from Clark AFB when Marcos fled the Philippines. My mom and I were bumped from flights and bussed to Subic Bay for a flight from there.

21. I will not drive Tim's Ford 350. Or maybe it's, Tim won't let me drive his Ford 350. I don't want to drive it.

22. I am a logophile.

23. I read at least 10 pages of a novel every night.

24. I count my steps. Not necessarily the number of steps each time. It could be in groups of 3s, 4s, 6s, or 100s (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1...4). I also reset my odometer every time I go to work, or go back home. I think this is a problem but I don't think it's a problem that needs to be addressed.

25. I enjoy blogging (and I will be adding this list to my blog):

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  1. Wow, 19 years after only two months of knowing each other. Whatever you guys have, yall need to bottle that and sell it. I knew my first wife (Ive only been married once) four years and our marriage lasted only five.