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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Race Calendar

I have decided on a few races for 2009, with room for a few more, if I so choose.

I mentioned before that I was following my BFF's plan of keeping the summer free of hard training. This does not mean I won't be running or racing during the summer, it just means I won't feel the stress of having to run the long miles during the summer to prepare for an early Fall race. Summers in Raleigh (probably like most places) are brutal and I really had a hard time this past summer.

Hey! I'm striving to push myself to be faster this year, so I think I can 'cheat' and take the summer off from hard training. I'll be training hard the rest of the time...

I had to switch things up since Tim will be doing a lot of adventure racing (AR). Since there are more running events than there are AR events, I had to negotiate my schedule to work with his. It really isn't a problem since there are A LOT of great races in the area.

So this is my initial plan for 2009, which agrees with my coach. This may change, since every time I look at races, I find a new one that looks interesting.

February 21st: Coach Bubba's 20K - already registered; third time running this one
March 14th: Run for the Oaks 5K - this, to me, is the first race that launches the running-racing season; I also made my PR here
April 25th: Tar Heel 10 Miler - this will be my first time running this one
May 9th: Capital City Classic 10K - my first time, but apparently, only the second year for this race
October 5th (estimated date): Run the River 8K - this will replace the Neuse River Bridge Run...another one I've never ran
December 5th (estimated date): Mistletoe Half Marathon - my long mileage race for the end of the year

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