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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two More Great Moments I Forgot to Mention

One is a fitness accomplishment and the other is a running moment that I meant to include in my list but forgot (see previous post "Things I Lost")...

First: getting back into the pool. Not that I really was "in" the pool, but for some odd reason, as I got older, I got more fraidy-cat about swimming in the pool. Not because I feared drowning (I can swim) but because I feared something extremely superficial: what I might look like flailing around in the pool. But through basic help and encouragement from my friends and coach, I made it back and followed a routine...which can easily be skipped, but I'm not _that_ afraid anymore.

And my running feels great the day after. Of course, this is because I use fins :-). Hey, I'm back but I'm not training for a swim meet, so anything that keeps me happy and less scaredy-cat, I'm going to do it.

$Bill has always been encouraging, FOR YEARS...Tim to a certain degree, since he doesn't "get" my neurosis...but my biggest encouragement came from an unlikely person: my occasional running buddy Melissa P. One day, she, $Bill and I went out for a run and I hinted at my swimming fear, in which she recommended the fins (which never occurred to me) and was extremely empathetic to my dilemma. And she is a hell of a swimmer and all cockiness, know-it-all, why-would-you-be-scared was nowhere to be found. All but a good friend who was helping me out with words of wisdom.

Okay, the one running thing that I can't believe I didn't post....drum roll please...

...On November 19th, $Bill and I ran up the spillway, AKA half mile hill, in under 5 minutes!! This wasn't an original goal I set up for myself; this was $Bill's goal he mentioned early in the year. I noticed, after hearing him state that, that at the next run up that hill, I timed myself. I was on the _other_ side of five minutes and I scrambled to be quick up that hill. I realized, this goal of his was a doozy.

Then the summer came and there was no way in hell we would get under five then...but out of the blue, one fine fall day, that I was overdressed, we managed to make a run for it in 4:56 for 0.56 miles (it really is a half mile up this hill). I still get high thinking about it.

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