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Friday, December 19, 2008

Twitter Dee, Twitter Dum

Twitter is an amazing little tool. A social network and mini-blogger, all rolled into one little, teeny, tiny app.

And I've "met" some really great people via this tool. I don't even remember how anymore but it's pretty cool how I can "hang out" with someone clear across the other side of the country, as well as in my backyard.

I "met" Kevin through his blog, 5KsandCabernets. I remember now how I found it. I did a search on wine drinker and runner. :-) I love the title of his blog...genuis.

But he is also on twitter so I started following him (this is a good 101 on twitter: what is twitter?). And from that click of the follow button, I was able to learn more about his incredible year of running and his torment of conquering White Rock Marathon this year, a race he has done twice before.

The coolest thing about technology? White Rock allowed interested people to receive text messages of his recorded splits. So while he was running, I didn't have to wait for his race report to know how he was doing against his plan. Awesome.

And through Kevin's tweets during race day, I ran across an exchange between him and "mbking". "mbking" had run 15 miles *to* the marathon and was planning to do the marathon then run 15 miles *back*.

I decided to follow him and went to his blog to see what he was all about. I found out he is an ultramarathoner, hence the incredible mileage he was doing ON TOP of a marathon.

I'm sure I'll meet many more people along the way, as I have already. It's great, especially when you read amazing posts and see incredible pictures. I want to share two of them that stuck with me.

The first is from Kevin's blog. You must read his posts on his marathon at White Lake. If you can make the time, reading the past two months would give you an idea of his training, his mindset and his trials & tribulations with his two previous marathon runs at White Lake. But this, with a picture, was incredible, especially knowing how his marathon run had gone: Advice from Marathon Experts.

Today I read mbking's write-up of his ultramarathon run at White Lake. Again, a candid recounting of his race. But the picture at the end of his post is awe-inspiring: Race #3: Self-inflicted White Rock Ultramarathon - Not Quite!.


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Twitter is indeed a strange thing that builds communities without you even realizing it. Thanks for pointing people to my blog and good luck with your training and endeavors. I look forward to following you!

  2. Well, these are really kind words. Thanks, moot-pointer! By the way, I'm looking forward to reading you smash that 1:50 half marathon line. you can do it!