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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things That I Have Lost

I hate losing things and the past two weeks, I've lost several things and I have no idea where they are.

I'll start with my sunglasses, which were actually lost early Fall. These were awesome Uvex tortoise shades that I got from about a year and half before for $19.99. These were to replace the black Uvex shades I purchased from campmor for 19.99, that I left at that stupid Viking ship ride at Disney World last January (2007). They are no longer on the site. :-( And I am pouting so I haven't relented to buying another pair.

But I don't know _how_ they could be lost. I wear them from car-to-office or office-to-car. And those are the only two places they should exist. But they are not there. I decide to do a full sweep every now and again to make sure. Still not there.

Last weekend, I lost my driver's license. The second one to replace the one that got stolen when my car got broke into in June. Again, there is no reason it should be lost! I stick it in my purse, my back pocket, my jacket pocket, or on top of a kitchen counter. Okay, so it may sound like it could be easily lost, but I've exhausted all search areas and have NO CLUE where it could be. NO CLUE. And thus, I must venture to drop another $10 to the "very nice people" at the DMV.

I also lost one of my silicone ear pads for my very favorite headphones that I wear while I run. I ordered these last year, and they come with two spare ear pads. Those two have been lost forever, so I was down to the only ones on my headphones. One fell off in my gym sack and I knew it was in there. I eyeballed it several times during the days I thought I would run (and didn't). But I knew it was in there, lying in the bag. And instead of putting it on the earpiece, I just looked at it with reassurance that it was there.

And then when I wanted to wear them? I couldn't find the ear pad anymore. It was no longer in the gym sack that I looked at nearly every day and saw it in there. NO WHERE. Today I ran with one on and one off. And you know what? The ear *with* the pad started aching; the one that was naked was hunky-dorey.

I thought I lost my best, new running shoes but I found them. They were just misplaced...

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