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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Text Messaging

Mi-Mi and CJ are great text messengers, especially Mi-Mi.

She's all but five years old and she can take my phone, take pictures, and type out anything she wants to say *and* types in the phone number and selects "Send". She's a better texter than I am!

I found this text message to Tim on my phone. She sent it to him yesterday while he worked hard in the rain (you know, power tools and rain do NOT mix), on a Saturday, and we went to a friend's Christmas party. And yes, she took the picture too...

To dadddy like the christmas tree? Made friends love mia

And yes, she includes "To" in her text messages, as in "To Daddy" or "To Mommy", etc. In this case, one too many "d"s in daddy...

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