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Friday, December 12, 2008

"Secret" Millionaires

I watched the first episode of this series and it was very, very difficult for me to stop rolling my eyes.

It is a great thing: a millionaire gives away up to 100 thousand dollars to people in need. So I'm glad to see something like this happen.

But it puts the "millionaire" in the spotlight of "wow, what a great guy/gal for giving me money!"

My oldest enjoys the show, so I record it and watch it with her. But I can't stop rolling my eyes. And I'm not taking away from "hey you fucking rich people -- do something good with that extra change!"

But hearing about how they live, what they do, MEH! Sure, call it jealousy and envy. Call it what you want but it is something I will never know: owning million dollar homes; traveling first class anywhere; traveling more than once a year PERIOD...and of course, the very fact that they can give away 100 grand without a blink of an eye.

But on top of that, the show is really so fricking obvious in trying too hard to be sentimental and dramatic that it's just plain silly.

The premise is: the millionaire goes "undercover", as in, pretending to be poor and hanging out with poor people everywhere. Pretending to be poor basically means wearing regular clothes vs. a suit.

Then they go wherever, for example, a soup kitchen, and pretend to be 'just like them' but ask a barrage of questions: why are you here, why do you do this, blah blah. You know, those 20/20 Barbara WaWa fricking obvious.

This goes on for a week. We see the rich people cry at the fact that poor people have it so bad compared to them. Wah-wah-wah. And this is supposed to pull at our heart strings. And the pull is supposed to be soooo bad that they have to figure out who, out of allllllll the poor people they meet, who they can give money to. After all, they have only 100,000 to give away...they still have their bills to pay: house in Paris, the Lambroghini, Porsche, etc.

At the end, the brave millionaires are supposed to "confront" the poor people with their, gasp, LIES! You know, the LIES they told to make the poor people believe that they too were poor by dressing, gasp, in regular clothes!! Probably bought from Macy's instead of their very expensive Rodeo Drive boutiques! And yes, I said Macy's, which is top notch for me but probably bargains for "them".

So there's this big dramatic opening, before the check for $50,000 is presented to a person or group...the "i'm afraid I have been lying to you" spiel. And the rich man/woman um's and ah's his way through, struggling to come out with this abhorrent lie...the lie that they finally say "I'm sorry I haven't been upfront with" sigh.

And now we're supposed to assume that the poor people are going to beat the shit out of the millionaire...okay, maybe that's just my wishful thinking...but instead, a check in at least five digits before the decimal is given and then more tears. And now it's about five minutes of being grateful to Mr. Rich-Man for giving them chunk change.

Am I bitter?



Because I want what they have! Perhaps it's not the million dollar house -- I don't get that. The house I am in now is not even close to a million dollars but it's more house than I need.

But it would be nice not to HAVE to work. Not to worry about health insurance. Not to budget my vacations and actually being able to have _several_ vacations.

But it would be nice to give more money. I give a lot to DonorsChoose but it's relative to what I can afford. Instead of 10,000 dollars, I can give up to $100 for each group several times a year. Sometimes I try to get my compadres to pitch in, to give them a taste of giving.

I give monthly to St. Judes but a pittance to what I would prefer to give. It's almost embarrassing what I give, but every little bit counts.

I give to the homeless guy at the corner. Sometimes I can only give change because I rarely carry cash. But I give and I don't care if they turn around and buy something else illegal. Giving makes me feel good and I feel like I have done something to help the other people out.

The show sucks. CJ likes it and since something good comes out in the end, I keep it on my DVR. It's my gift to her: space on my DVR. Since I am the TV freak, every bit of space on my DVR counts.

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  1. Ive thoght about trying to tune into this show, but havent had time. it does seem odd that somebody wanting to give needs tv to show what a great guy/gal they are.