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Monday, December 29, 2008

Off Kilter

I am easily distracted when it comes to working out.

If I have a routine, and I am regularly doing it at a semi-precise schedule, then I am workout queen. I don't stop, I get even more hungry for a workout, and can end up doing two workouts in one day, for six to seven days.

When I don't have my regular routine or regular schedule, I do the very opposite of what I've said above: I do no workouts and if I don't literally FORCE MYSELF to do something, I can go six to seven days without doing a thing.

And having time off from work seems to be the common denominator in throwing my schedule and routine off. Without the "have to get up and go to work" routine, I don't have to get up.

Without a precision schedule of when I eat, when I run, when I do whatever, then I eat when I want to and run when I want to, which ends up being never.

But it's also the routine: I am home with the girls and Tim works, so I have no one to watch the girls while I go for a run. Babysitting? I pay a lot of money _while_ working to have someone pick up my girls. Part of my week off is saving that money for when I really need it.

But I could get up earlier, get my run in before Tim goes. Or I could suffer through the dreadmill. But I really do not want to do anything on the dreadmill...

The moral of my story is: if I'm not working, my workout routine goes to shit.

Fortunately, I have a little time before my race in February to be off...

But I ran Sunday, which is technically my day off, but since I've made every day a day off since Tuesday, then I decided I could fit a run in on my "day off".

I put in a little over five miles, running around Lake Lynn. It was awesome because there were *so many* people out and about. And usually, I would care little about having to run around people who don't know the rules of the road (stay on the right), everyone - including me - semmed to be in a great mood.

I passed one runner who sang at the top of his lungs every time I passed him (in opposite directions).

I have to be honest, this was a forced run...a run that I *had* to do because I was getting really cranky with myself. I grabbed the iPod and played Possum Kingdom to get me motivated -- and it worked!

I actually wanted to write a play-by-play, literally, of my music-to-run route, but after Possum Kingdom, I have forgotten the order of all the songs I listened to along my run. Oh well. Something to try to do for next time.

But I got out there and imagine, getting my run in motivated me to eat better that day, and to accomplish a lot of tasks that I had let go. And then today comes along and I am still motivated: cleaned my car, cleaned my car, paid some bills, did a little shopping at Goodwill (scoff if you must, but there are some good buys there), got dinner ingredients, did my P90X workout, read e-mail, surfed, played Word Challenge (why-oh-why do I suck so bad at this? I love words!), packed up clothes to _give_ to goodwill, cooked dinner, ate, drank, was merry, and now blogging and I still have a few things left in me to do more stuff before I plan to call it a day.

And all of this while hanging out with my best girls, then later, with my best man (until someone better comes along)...

All because of one six mile, why would I resist this so?

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