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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Great Running Moments of 2008

I have read a few posts about great running moments for the year...and although the year is not over, I thought I'd share the ones I have up to now. Of course, there is time for a few last minute running moments before 2009 (I am skeptical) but if that just so happens, I'll just add to my list.

So here are my greatest running moments for 2008...they are in no particular order:

Long run from my house to Umstead:

This was a long training run that I did on September 20th, two days after my 40th birthday. It was a 12 mile run and I decided that I would take the route from my front door to the 'other' side of Umstead, where it ends at Lake Crabtree.

Tim drove to the Lake Crabtree side and would bike to the entrance into Umstead (Trenton Road entrance), lock the bike, and then we would run together to the car.

This is no easy route. Crossing a very busy Glenwood avenue (seven lanes of traffic, on the end that I ran across) and a very hilly route through and through. But I seemed to be physically and mentally prepared and ended up maintaining a 10 mn/mile over those hills, getting to the 7.2 mile entrance in 1:13.

The rest was awesomely hard, but I thought it was one of the coolest things to do. BTW, I did the same route about a month later and it wasn't as nice...

3 1-mile repeats:
My track workouts rocked since I signed up with Coach B. One of the best workouts for me was doing three one-mile repeats on September 30th. The goal time for each was 8:30 and I did 8:22, 8:15 and 8:16.

Run the Quay 5K:
Although there was nothing amazing about my run during this race, this was significant for me as it was really the first race to kick-off a new "me" with regard to running. I had a coach, I was working to become better instead of safer, and this race I went to solo. No one was there for me to run with, or cheer me on -- except my coach :-) -- but it's exactly what I needed.

Neuse River Bridge 10K:
One of two big races I trained for, and signed on with a coach for -- held on October 18th in New Bern. I made a huge PR 53:05 -- knocking 5:13 off my last 10K PR. The race was small; the volunteers were AWESOME; Tim ran with me and I had it in the bag all the way through. Yeah, I was feeling the pain of it all at the end, but still, I persevered and I felt extremely proud of me and Tim. I "won" 3rd in my age group but not officially. :-(

City of Oaks Half Marathon:
This was the second big race I had been training for -- and THE RACE I wanted to do well on. Again, I made a PR at 2:00:24, knocking 8:08 from my last half PR set in 2005. This race is also one that I planned to do last year and didn't make it; plus, I signed up for another half the year before, which is around the same time, and didn't make this time period felt like a cursed time to do a half. But I pulled through and I ran the race perfectly and better than I would have before.

No walking at all and again, persevering through physical and mental battles (more mental). I allowed myself to dig down somewhere and found a second wind to get me through the last three miles. I died the last mile, but I kept on even though I was virtually jogging a downhill finish. I was done and it was the best feeling ever -- to be out of it at the end meant I put in all that I could.

I have so many more things that were wonderful about this year. I will write a separate post about the other great moments of the year, dealing with my friends and family. But I feel like I've had an amazing year for racing and running and I look forward to 2009 and being even better.


  1. Youve had an awesome year.....

  2. Wow, you've had an impressive running year! Isn't it nice to look back and see what you've accomplished?!

    Good idea for a post! You've got me thinking about '08 milestones now. :)