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Friday, December 26, 2008

My Favorite Tweets of the Week - December 26th

I don't know how I'll do these, since some of these are time-dependent (Christmas season, for instance). I could just make it "My Favorite Tweets of the Week, Part 1" and have multiple entries for one week. I'm following more and more people *and* still reading more and more tweets from people I *don't* follow...

Anyway, here are my favorites of the past few days:

Apparently, I'm a double sneezer. I never sneeze just once.

Ground Control to Major Winebuzz..

trudging around the house in my pink buny suit

IT'S BOXING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait. That's not exciting in the least.

My tummy dislikes the everything bagel with Texas pete, coffee, tamale, and toffee caramel cake I have had this morning

Just looked in my own fridge; don't recognize half the products. Shut the door and walk away -just walk away.

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