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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Marathon Love

I watched this with the family tonight. It was on Discovery Health (HD!!!).

I heard about it through a Runner's World blog I keep up with and decided to record it and watch. I knew a little bit about what it would be about, so I was hesitant because, well, it was going to be sad.

But, even though it was sad, it was pretty damn cool and amazing.

The gist of it is: a man pushes his wife in a wheelchair as he runs races. They do A LOT of racing together and at some point, up the ante to doing marathons.

He trains with her, then runs the races pushing her. She wears the number. And he is constantly in debted to her for the work they do.

He wants them to run Boston but in order to run Boston, a runner has to qualify. For them, that meant running a qualifying race in under 3:30. And they did it: 3:15 in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

This past April, they ran the Boston Marathon. And they did it in 3:13:41, finishing in the top 25% of overall runners. Freaking INCREDIBLE.

And their story is incredible. Worth the less than an hour it took to watch. My whole family, including my five year old, was engrosssed.

The best line was said by Jamie Parks, the husband that pushes his wife Lynn: "Without her, I'm just a mailman who runs..."


  1. And in case anyone missed it, it will be repeated on Valentine's Day at 8PM Eastern and Pacific/7 Central.

  2. Thanks Mailman Jamie! You wouldn't be THE Jamie Parks, would you?

    My five year old wants to watch it again. This is an incredible life story. My husband and I were still talking about it last night.

    And I didn't write it but when this is said "without Lynn, I'm just a mailman who runs" it was the lines before it that were about all the hard work Lynn has done...and I don't capture that in this post.

  3. Yes, this is THE Jamie Parks. We're so glad you guys enjoyed the show. Lynn works hard every day. It inspires me to do what I do. Merry Christmas!