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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Today is the day I find out that my little girl, CJ, will need to wear glasses.

CJ has been troubling us with her squinty eyes to read from not too far away, and finally, I made an appointment with a doctor that my own LASIK surgeon recommended.

Her appointment was at the Duke Eye Center in Durham. Although we live in the Raleigh-Durham "triangle", it is still 26 miles from my house. And I don't do well with timing things correctly, so I picked CJ up from school at about the time I should have been leaving her school with her in the car.

Instead, I wait for CJ to go get her backpack WAY UPSTAIRS in her classroom, that happens to be one of the last ones on the hall.

Finally, I have her in the car and the stoplight gods got together to ensure I snagged every single one.

Once there, which I was thankful that my GPS got me to the vicinity (since the address is not on the website) and my keen sense of memory managed to recall where the place was, I found ZERO, ZILCH parking spaces.

I wasn't too worried as they offer valet parking due to construction of a parking garage. But in order to get the valet, one must circle the parking lot once to appear to have sought out an empty space. Not an easy task when there are seven cars trying to find parking and valet...

But we make it in only 15 minutes late.

Duke Eye Center is not like any yuppie Optometric Eye Center. I've been to one side during my lasik work and you see the real people who need eye professionals. The same goes for the pediatric side: a blind boy sat next to us reading a book in braille; several cross-eyed children were waiting their turn; and then there was the young wheelchair bound girl, with virtually no hair except in four random spots, who obviously had some sort of illness, who awaited their turn as CJ and I did.

And though the appointment took us nearly three hours (as the rest of the brood), every single person that worked there was sooooooooo nice...even the receptionist!

CJ's first work-up was with machines...I think measuring something. Then we went into another room where the 21st century eye chart appeared on a monitor with a press of a button on a remote. I knew there was a problem when she couldn't read the line at 60/20. It didn't get much better but in the end, her vision was not as bad as I thought...but I didn't go into the appointment thinking it was as bad as it was.

So she has her prescription for glasses that she can wear whenever she wants. That's good news for me.

I had to get glasses at a fairly young age and nearly 30 years ago, glasses were not stylish so I was not too excited about the prospect of wearing glasses. And to tell the truth, I rarely did because they were butt-ugly.

But fortunately, CJ has a very understanding mom so I will be sure she gets the coolest glasses that will work for her beautiful face. She doesn't seem to be tormented by the idea of wearing fact, I think she's pretty excited about it.

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