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Monday, December 15, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

My Mondays have gotten so much more manic than any Monday I have had in my life. I get through them, but my blood pressure must be sky high as my day goes similar to this:

8:30 AM Arrive @ Work

8:35 - 10:30 AM Read/respond to e-mail, read the news, look @ my schedule, prepare for anything I need to do during the day

10:35 - rush to another building to help set up webex/conference call meeting @ 11; it's not a long walk, but 10:35 turns into 10:40 and it usually takes a good, solid 15-20 minutes to get through the kinks of setting this up

11:30 - eat something during the meeting; have to fuel up for my recovery run I plan to take after the meeting is over so lunch won't happen until 1:30 - 2PM

12:15 - meeting finally over; rush to my car, which is near the other building. Usually, I keep $Bill & Frank waiting...okay, not usually, ALWAYS

12:25 - get to the gym for my run

12:35 - head out for my run, which averages about 4 miles

1:20 - finish run; stretch and chat

1:30 - shower

1:55 - get out of the locker room to see $Bill & Frank waiting patiently (again) for me...hey, it takes me a little longer to get pretty...they're just naturally pretty!

2:00 - EAT!

Usually, I have a meeting @ 3PM that fortunately, has been canceled the last several weeks.

Today, however, I had a 2PM "emergency" meeting, so I had ~10 minutes to wolf down a lunch (got to my office @ 1:44). And on top of that, I had to leave around 3ish to pick up my girls from school @ 3:45.

Went to meeting; meeting ran over; and I am rushing out at 3:20 to make the 15 minute drive to my girls' school to be there for them when they get out. This is SO the norm for me. I can never just feel like I'm not rushing to get anywhere.

But I did it and made it to the girls with time to spare. Then headed to Kroger for a few staples, got gas, hit the dollar store for more staples, then the library.

And I still made it back to do my P90X 50 minutes kick-ass workout *and* make dinner: homemade french fries (never do we buy the bag kind) and homemade hamburgers.

And the run today at lunch was great! I have been in hibernation: it's usual for me, around this time of the year, for me to fall back into the "i'm not exercising" rut. It takes a lot of gusto for me to find motivation to do anything, including a run.

But usually, as the last two years, the end of December kicks into gear for me as I train for Coach Bubba's 20K, which occurs the end of February.

So I'm trying to just not think about anything and just follow the plan: run when I'm supposed to run, P90X when I'm supposed to P90X, and repeat.

I joined $Bill and Frank for about a four mile run today. I had not run since last Tuesday's kick-ass track workout (Frank and I rocked!). But surprisingly, I felt great and not tired. I think a little less than a week worked for me...anymore and I would lose it!

But it's an easy route until the end, when there are just uphills...which felt pretty good to me.

The weather was great: 60s in December! I wore shorts! I loved it! And I just enjoyed the run, which reminds me why I like to run: it feels great.

Course, I did all the talking...fired up from my manic monday. I don't think I stopped yakking from the time I got into the car with my running buddies, to the time I left them to go back to my office.

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  1. I know how you feel. Some days you just can't catch your breath, but you also feel like you're kicking ass b/c you're getting so much done!

    What is this P90X thing? I just looked it up and it looks like a training program. How far into it are you? Sounds like you like it. I'd like to talk to you about it sometime. (But not on a Monday.)