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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Houston, We Have A Problem

Last night, as Tim was going over his own race calendar, we discovered that one of his big races was going to take place on the same day as a race I wanted to do.

Tim's Blackbeard Adventure Race is on the same day as my Neuse River Bridge 10K. Imagine: out of all the races in all of this state, that we choose two separate events and they happen to fall on the exact same date.

I threatened to have my race without him: his is held out at the Outer Banks; mine in New Bern. My race is a 10K -- less than an hour of my time; his could take up to 12 hours.

But I slept on it and woke up a merrier person and conceded, even though he kept saying "there are more races for you than for me". Humbleness comes a long way if one remembers TO BE humble.

So I spent a little time looking for other races. It's really not easy as it would seem. One: I can't find one around the time I want; and two: I am partial to the smaller, more hometown feel ones (like Neuse Bridge is) and those take a more in depth place on the google search page count.

I did find a good one in October (on a different day): Run the River 8K in Wilmington. So I'll keep my eye on that one, but now, I'm down to only two "for sures" for 2009: Coach Bubba's 20K (February) and Run for the Oaks 5K (March).

I find that I always stumble across "new" races for consideration, once I start *really* looking. So some races I am adding to my list for consideration for my halfs this year (or is it halves?): The Great Dismal Swamp Stomp Half (April, Virginia), Varmint Half (June, Virginia), and Pinehurst Turkey Trot Half (November, Pinehurst, NC).

The Dismal Swamp Stomp was a race I eyed a few years back. It's in April but I am really hoping to have something in May, perhaps early June.

The Varmint Half is mid-June and, while the race sounds right up my alley as being small and original, it IS MID-JUNE in Virginia, which has the same weather patterns we do, which means extremely hot and humid. The race report from this past year indicated it was quite HUMID.

And the Turkey Trot Half is on the day we usually depart for our mountain Thanksgiving getaway. Pinehurst is NOT on the way. I am really leaning towards the Mistletoe Half in Winston-Salem in December. December is ideally the time period I'd love to do my half this year.

We'll see...everytime I look for a race, I seem to stumble upon a cooler one I've never heard of. And the end of the year gives me plenty of time to ponder and registration is not an issue, really, for my the races I am looking to do will NOT sell them smaller venues.

But finding something in a half for May, that is near me, is not that easy.

And with my luck, I'll find the perfect race only to find that Tim's race will conflict!


  1. I think i'm going to try for the Biltmore/Kiwanis 15k in mid May. It's not a half, but it might be a race you haven't heard of before... The race takes place on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate.

  2. are right! I haven't heard of that one and the mileage sounds good. I have to compare my schedule to Tim's now -- his races are less frequent than running races. But May is exactly the timeframe I'm looking at for a longer race...