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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great Running (and then some) Moments of 2008

So I posted about *my* personal feats of greatness :-). Now I want to post about what I found pretty darn cool by other people in my life.

First: my 10 year old, CJ, running a 9 minute mile at the fun run during the 4th of July race. She ran with Tim and I was expecting her around 10ish, maybe later. I saw them approaching the finish, and I looked at the clock, and it was in the 8s!!! I was stunned! Was this *my* daughter, running a pretty good pace! And giving her dad a run for his money? It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Second: watching my 10 year old run a 7:5x minute mile at the Second Empire Fun Run, which was this past September. We were going to run it together but I couldn't keep up with her!! I told her not to worry about me, that I had my eye on her, but to just keep going. And she did. I watched her in awe...not appearing to be affected by her speed and just "jogging". She slowed down a tiny bit because I caught up with her at the turn around (and I wasn't going that fast) but toward the finish, I wanted her to finish strong so I yelled to her "Run CJ! Run for your donut!!" She had promised herself a donut after the race finished...

Third: seeing CJ and her BFF run the Reindeer Romp ON THEIR OWN...and most of all, seeing CJ in SHORTS on one of the coldest days of the month! A sign of a true runner... And, although there weren't 9 and 7 minute miles here, she stated that she and Sarah had cramps that made them have to walk a bit. When I asked if *she* was the one that had the cramps, she said they *both* did. So it was totally a team of one with two girls... If us chicks could only do the same when we're adults...

Fourth: Seeing Tim smash his 5K PR and run 23:08 at the Second Empire 5K. I was amazed and I knew all along there was a fast runner in him. I had to shame him into competing by blatantly telling him that I beat him at nearly every race over the past several years. So I can't beat him -- but I'm glad to see him get out there and be more competitive.

Fifth: Having $bill, Tim and Eric not only compete in their first adventure race but placing THIRD OVERALL MALE TEAM!! Tim has wanted to do these races for sometime and has finally found the attitude to do them...and to place third? With a race that was doomed to finish...

Sixth: In general, just seeing $Bill, my BFF and frequent running buddy/coach/motivator/optimist improve so much in running. Not that he never gave me a run for my money, but he is harder for me to keep up with now. We ran the Greater Raleigh Road Race, aka HOT-ASS AND HUMID RUN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY IN HOT-ASS & HUMID RALEIGH. I made sure he knew I was not running with him -- I didn't want to run that fast! But I kept my eye on him and I was just full of admiration for his commitment to this sport (and tris) and how much he improved in two years, and especially, the last year. I couldn't catch him, and despite what he thinks, I didn't try...I just got lucky that I caught up enough at the finish to give him his due: a big pat on the back.

Seventh: Convincing my BFF Sam to do her first triathlon. Not only did she agree, but she did so with much enthusiasm. And she went from someone who didn't run or bike to enjoying, well, the biking part...:-) And I loved every minute of being blamed for her getting into the game of triathlons. And I don't do tris and everyone would say "why is she not doing it, but she convinced you to???" Because SHE CAN...and I knew she could all along...

There are soooo many more: Frank finishing his marathon but more than his finish, his efforts during our training runs...he reminds me of me, thinking we don't have it in us and then we find that we do; meeting Frank's hot wife and running with her during my long runs...she also finished the tri that Sam did, balancing two kids (one with autism) and going to school, and on top of that, dealing with Frank!! I made a great friend in her... And then all the other folks that I run with, or know that run, and their accomplishments...and last but not least, my new friend Kevin, who persevered emotionally and physically to take on a thorn in his side, the White Rock Marathon for the third time!

There's just too many to mention and these people inspire me every day. Here's to more great running -- and then some -- in 2009.

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