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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fitness Goals for 2009

I have been thinking about my fitness goals for 2009 for some time now. These are what I have come up with so far:

Get Faster - I want to run faster in 2009. No, I don't care about winning age groups yet. If it happens, great, but it's not a goal.

But I am afraid to go fast because it hurts. I have the endurance down now and am undaunted by mileage up to a half, maybe more...but not marathon-length yet. I need baby steps...

But going fast means working harder and working harder means pain, and not pain like "ouch, I broke a bone" but "whoa, I can stop the pain by slowing down"...and I need to learn that I really *can* go faster even though there's a bit of pain.

And the pain is not entirely what stops me from going's the fear. I tend to panic when I feel like I am going beyond what I *think* I am capable of. But with Coach B and her track workouts for me, I have found that I can endure it. And it's really not that painful. Uncomfortable, yes, but not painful in that "ouch I broke a bone" kind of way.

There have been a few times that I ran a track workout and felt that panic come up and I didn't stop or slow down. I'm hoping to grow accustomed to the panic, to the pain, and to pumping my legs to run faster.

Along with getting faster, I have some initial goals for race times in 2009. I'd like to do a sub 25 minute 5K. If that means 24:59, then I'll take it.

I would like to see a 1:50 half marathon time. This one might be pushing the envelope, but my coach was seeing me with a 1:55 half this past November (I did a 2:00). I think I can do it because the longer runs I feel somewhat okay with the length, I just have to keep my mind on pumping those legs faster. I did my one of my fastest mile splits at mile 11 at 8:45, so I had something left and I think if I focus more on my pace during my training runs (vs. edurance), I have a chance of meeting that goal.

The other race distances I'm not quite so focused on right now. I would like to do a new PR at Coach Bubba's 20K in February, which would be at least 1:59:29. I believe I can make that one with no problem (let's see if I eat those words on race day!).

Lose 15 pounds - Every year, my ideal weight gets further away from me. I am not overweight but like any woman going through her 40s fast (okay, I *just* turned 40), I want to be close to my pre-drinking-age weight, which is about 25 pounds away so I *have* negotiated.

I eat well and exercise regularly and frequently. So what's the problem? Beats me but I suppose it has something to do with portion control, slightly, and more about the fact that I am 40 and my metabolism is nowhere near what it was in my 20s.

But it is a goal and I'll continue to shoot for it. And I'll tell you a fact right now: if I weighed 15 pounds less today (my goal weight for 2009), I guarantee my weight loss goal would be 5 pounds. So the moral of the story is: I will not be satisfied with my weight no matter what.

Get a P90X body - this is an intense workout that I have seen actually work. My husband did this workout *to a tee* and it kicked his ass for weeks. This man impressed me with showing me how unimpressive he can be doing these workouts. And by the end, he was DOING the workouts like a pro. He has the body to prove it. The six pack abs are there, as well as the muscle tone.

This, of course, is aided by the fact that he does construction for a living, so while I believe I can get a P90X body, it won't be as easy for me to lose the weight as he did. He was constantly burning calories through work, where as I, with my sit-in-a-chair-all-day job, will not have that "luxury".

Running coach for CJ and Sarah - I started this late this Fall and the girls did so well at the Reindeer Romp earlier this month. I plan to up the ante and get these girls working harder but still enjoying the act of running. CJ mentioned that she enjoyed both Girls on the Run (GOTR) and what we were doing, but most of all, she wanted to run with Sarah. Sarah seems to have a busy schedule where GOTR may not work for her...and since I enjoy running with them, pushing them, encouraging them, and getting Brenna the dog out to run with us, I plan to continue training with them through the Spring. We'll pick another 5K race to run, maybe even sticking with the GOTR theme and running their 5K in May.

That's what I have so far. Nothing fancy. But certainly attainable. And to me that's the key: attainable goals that keep me motivated.

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