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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blogging Goals for 2009

Yes, I do make plans for my blog. Nothing major. I don't plan to alter anything I've already done. I love writing and I love sharing my warped thoughts and odd experiences to anyone who wants to waste five to ten minutes of their day reading it.

I don't know if all bloggers do what I do, which is constantly think about "will this make a good blog post?" And that includes conversations I have at any given moment, or even checking out at a grocery store and listening to the grumpy cashier. My head is CONSTANTLY dictating the lines I will write, and what the title of the post will be.

It doesn't always come to fruition. Most of the time, I forget or decide it's not worthy to blog, or I just get lazy and don't post it.

But there are some things I post regularly: race reports, book reports, those mattress sightings :-), just to name a few. So for the new year, those will continue and I'm hoping to add to the pot of my regular posting subjects.

So a few of the things I am planning to do are more restaurant reviews. This gives me an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of Raleigh -- and perhaps outside of Raleigh, but more likely Durham and Chapel Hill...I'll be avoiding CHAIN HELL CARY for obvious reasons (if they're not obvious to you, then you must live in Cary).

These restaurants, OF COURSE, will be local. I will remain a starch supporter of local, although I will use my starbucks gift card at some point, but only because it won't cost me a dime. :-)

But my plan is to target "centers", or areas. For example, the shopping center near my house has Dos Taquitos, my favorite restaurant in Raleigh (and I just noticed that they enclosed their patio! Not sure if I like that, because in the warmer months, the whole point is to enjoy the exhaust fumes from the cars coming into the shopping center...but it's enclosed tightly with plastic windows, so perhaps, it's removeable), but it also has a Chinese restaurant, a pizza place and Simpson's steakhouse. So my goal is to hit each one of those and write about my experience there.

BTW, I have tried Simpson's already and found it to be a little bit cheesy, so that one is an iffy.

Another "center" type area could be Five Points, where my other favorite Raleigh restaurant, Hayes Barton Cafe, resides. But in the vicinity is Lilly's Pizza, Third Place Coffee, and Bloosmsbury Bistro, to name a few. Oh, and there's NoFo, which is a local chain (Wilmington & Charlotte), so I don't count that as a chain, chain.

Chain, to me, is Starbucks, Outback, Jack Astor's, Macaroni Grill, just pick any restaurant on any corner in Cary, and tada! It's a chain.

Local chains are okay with me.

Next on my list of bloggable oddities: mug shots. Yes, those mega-stars and their mug shots are pretty darn funny, but have you noticed the local ones? They are HEE-LARRY-US. They must be shared and laughed at together...

The last thing I thought of (but not the last thing I'll think of) are more movie reviews. And not just any movie reviews, but the Oscar-worthy movies.

I had actually planned to do this with the Golden Globes (GG): that is, watch the nominated movies and write my review as a regular joe. And the GG's were to be a little easier since they have a few more categories that allow regular joes to watch (I just looked at the nominations and perhaps, this year isn't the year for regular joe movies to be nominated). But since I discovered that the GGs will be _aired_ on January 11th, I realized there would be no way in hell that I could get through that many movies by that time.

But the Oscars usually select the even more boring, dumb-ass sappy ones for nominations. So I accept the challenge to force myself to watch the idiot, Tom Cruise, play a German army officer with a stupid-looking eye patch. That's what I'll stoop to (if this movie gets an Oscar nod) to write a blog post.

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  1. Not all in Cary is so bad or a chain. You forget Cary Cafe? I've eaten in many a restaurant that is not a chain. Serendipity is my favorite lunch place. Mamma Mia before they moved to Apex. We have a couple of good Thai restaurants. Bella Napoli has very good Italian, as well...