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Sunday, December 14, 2008

BFFs On The Run

Saturday (12/13) was CJ's 5K race that she has been "training" for with her BFF, Sarah, since September.

Since CJ did not get into the Girls on the Run program this season, my own BFF recommended that I take her and a friend or two running at least once a week. So I took up his advice and have been taking the two of them, and sometimes Sarah's mom, to Lake Lynn every Wednesday (it's over now, so if you plan to stalk us, we won't be there).

Basically I took the on a walk/run program: 1 minute walk/2 minute run. I usually brought Brenna the dog who usually tries to drag me, running faster than I would like, to catch up to the two girls.

And it was nice to observe these two: giggling, talking about school, reading a book while running (yes, they did), or whatever. Best friends are the best, but at their age (10 years old), they are priceless. And it is a priviledge to observe them, especially while doing something I enjoy: running!

They never complained and followed the plan to a tee. We stretched before and after we ran. And every week, we completed one loop of the lake, which is approximately 2.25 miles. Pretty darn good for a couple of ten year olds.

I was going to run the race with the girls but I got a lucky break: Tim had to work so I had to babysit my youngest. Sure, technically I could have taken her along the run but then I wouldn't be able to be at the finish line to take pictures! And also, that would have meant I had to run!

Sidenote: i do love to run. but right now, at this moment in time, I am feeling the need to hibernate and stay indoors and be warm and, well, be lazy! I have applied this to keeping up with my blog too, so it's not just exercising...

Back to the race: CJ got up (slowly...and I didn't want to get up but I felt I had a responsibility to get my girl to her race...and BTW, the race time was 10AM, so we're not talking about getting up EARLY...told ya, HIBERNATION) and got ready. When I poked my head to see what she was wearing on the very chilly Saturday morning, I noticed she had on her Second Empire long sleeve shirt, her "Girls Rule boys drool" t-shirt over that and running SHORTS!

This is when I knew my girl was more of a runner than me. SHORTS! I would be dressed as though I were living in the wilderness of Antartica (is there a wilderness down there?) and dreading running through the cold but here was my girl, dressed like I see "real" runners dress - no matter what the weather - and was excited about her race.

CJ has run at least two 5Ks before through Girls on the Run but this one would be her first as a competitive runner -- she would wear the chip on her shoe for timing. She was extremely excited about this and fortunately, there's one place to pick up a chip because there were close to 1000 people at the race and finding Sarah was going to be a problem...but lo and behold, we end up being adjacent to each other, attempting to put the chip on their shoes (Sarah's mom & dad).

I ran across several friends there, most who asked if CJ was freezing! This was slightly annoying because it's not like she can put on pants now. I didn't appreciate any sense of making her feel bad or nervous about her choice...granted, they meant well, but seriously? What is the point of the statement?

And she was cold but I told her she'd get warm once she started running.

We all hit the bathrooms, which as usual, was a very long line to the girls' room and no line to the boys' room. But the bathrooms are on one end of the complex and the start was clear on the other end.

So Sarah's dad scooted the girls along to the start. By the time Sarah's mom, me and Mi-Mi got to the girls, they were stretching. I was soooo proud.

This would be Sarah's first race ever. And there were some things that never crossed my mind that crossed Sarah's more responsible parents, like: how will they know where to go during the run? what if Sarah runs out of steam? who will be there to help? where should they start: in the front, the middle or the back?

I had answers for them: they'll follow the crowd, there are lots of volunteers who will be guiding and watching out for the young ladies -- there will be many new runners, and in this race, let them start in the front. But these questions did not cross my mind: I was just going to let CJ go into the wild and do her race. Why did I never think that she might get lost? She might pass out? All I thought about was getting pictures of her finishing! Oh me oh my!

Anyway, Sarah's mom and dad seemed to not be as anxious at my not-so-responsible parenting skills, so when the girls got done stretching and went to the front of the pack -- BANG! The race was on!

After a few minutes, I told Sarah's crew that I was going to bring Mi-Mi to the van for a bit and meet them back near the finish.

As we waited in the car, I noticed racers coming by. I hadn't realized the route was going as close as it was to me, so I ran out to wait for my girls to run by. I saw them and they were passing people with big smiles on their faces. I was sooooo proud.

A bit later, I pulled Mi-Mi out and we waited close to the finish for my girls-in-training. I had so much fun cheering the runners on. I got vaclempt several times watching coaches/moms/dads/sisters/brothers pushing their running partner to finish strong. It's an amazing thing to see and I could feel tears well up in my eyes.

And then I see my girls running to the finish. I try hard to get pictures, which I did, but not without problems. But they crossed and their official times were 39:20 each. We almost didn't get their official times since they walked out of the "gates" with the chip still on their shoes, but being the expert runner that I am ;-), I guided them back to get the chips back to their proper buckets.

I hope to get CJ to do another 5K soon. I'd like to run it with her, or try to keep up :-). She told me, not too long ago, that in middle school, she was interested in doing track.:-) :-) :-)

She also said she wanted to do volleyball in middle school -- oh boy oh boy oh boy! My other favorite sport!!! Watch out! Because I'll be venturing into another coaching arena...

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  1. Running, Volleyball, now you need to teach her about blogging. I would love to get the perspective of a young runner doing a 5k like that. She did awesome and wore the right pants :-). Anxiously awaiting the guest blogger race report ;-)