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Friday, November 07, 2008

This Is Why I Am A School Parent Snob

I am not a social person when it comes to my children's school functions/events. But I do like to support my girls' ventures and do my part *for them*. So I signed on to be a chaperone for a field trip to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

This was for CJ's class and so far, CJ is not totally embarrassed by me so she was pretty happy about me joining her on the field trip. A note that this is the THIRD time I have chaperoned field trips for her throughout the years.

Overall, the field trip went very well. I had five students that I "ruled" over ;-) and they were awesome. They stayed together and made sure I was within view of their eyeballs, as they ran fast ahead of me.

But before the field trip, I had to meet-and-mingle with the other chaperones...only two other parents volunteered...both mothers like yours truly.

They both seemed nice enough. As we left the school to head out to the museum, they offered me to ride along with them. I turned them usual social self :-).

I asked if they knew if this was the museum with The Dead Sea Scrolls. And one of them said it was. I mentioned how I was hoping to see it and the reply was that it was pretty pricey. And why did she need to pay to see what she has at home? Uh-oh. A biblical reference. I am soooo glad I'm going solo over there...

So I get to the museum and see the two ladies. I join them, as they wait outside the museum for the buses to arrive. As I approach, I hear one woman tell the other woman about "Nehemiah". Well, I don't have to be a bible-thumper to know that this has to be a biblical reference. And it continued under the context of 'administration' of their life at home and with the church, like 'nehemiah'.

The conversation between the women continued along the same lines: how does she get one of her daughters to follow god's will? And prayer?

How she attends relationship seminars at her church with her husband.

How both of them were able to discover their will through prayer and it took awhile, but perhaps, the daughter will follow suit?

This went on and on. I spaced myself away from them, but was close enough to feel very uncomfortable. I could see peripherally that they would glance at me, but I gave them ZERO attention. I just stood there, sticking out like a sore thumb...actually hoping they would NOT address me and my religious views. Talk about being more uncomfortable.

They never did and in the end, religion did not become a part of any of our conversations throughout the day. We exchanged smiles, grins, raised eyebrows, etc. as though we were all on the same plane.

They were nice people. But this is exactly why I don't like to hang out with other people that I don't know, especially parents...

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