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Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's Lonely At The Top

The top being the "top" of my street.

I live in an older neighborhood. And when I say older, I mean, the people who started here are still here so it's more like a retirement community.

And I guess when you get to that age, you just don't bother with the younger generation anymore and don't 'celebrate' Halloween. Thus, my end of the street is filled with dark homes: lights out. No trick-or-treaters wanted here.

But that makes it difficult for our house because we LOVE Halloween. We decorate with as much scary stuff as we can. No happy pumpkins here:

And here's another shot with my presidential endorsement. Only scary if you are a McCain fan:

At night, this gets animated and illuminated. And we have scary sounds too.

One sidenote story: when we lived in our previous house, we had our shit set up so scary that one of the neighbors wouldn't come down because her daughter was too scared. I gave her a wave and said maybe next time! Have a good Halloween! She didn't get candy from me...chicken!

So this year, it was Tim's turn to take the girls out trick-or-treating and me to pass out candy. He had a great set up for me in the garage (our porch is missing). Candles, the scary tunes, and the fog machine. I did my best to dress up goth -- not a real costume but enough to make me warm and still somewhat in the Halloween spirit.

So off the children go and I wait for my victims.

And I wait.

And I wait.

And I notice that, my entire portion of this side of our street was dark. The house to the right of me had their porch light on, but NO ONE ELSE around us. So if one were to look down from either side of the street, it would appear that no one was available for Halloween.

I did my part and endured only EIGHT groups of visitors for treats. One of them even took a picture of our decorations. :-) I was satisfied that at least our visitors enjoyed a ghoulish treat for their candy but damn, we gots to get these retirees out of here or pump them up with some adrenaline...

No matter. We already have plans to make our house more "un-inviting" next year. Maybe word-of-mouth will get more deadly visits...bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

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