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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Love My Keyboard

Who knew one could be so loyal to a keyboard. Okay, maybe no one knew and no one would except ME.

I have had the same keyboard at work since I started there in October, 1996. My PCs have changed over the years (not many times, mind you) but I have been determined to keep this one.

I never really knew it was special until about three years at work, an acqaintence attempted to show me something and used my keyboard. He could not find the letters to type as he is a see-and-peck typist, not the "if-there-was-an-Olympic-competition-for-fastest-keyboard-typist-I-could-win" typist such as I.

That's when I noticed some of the lettering on the keys had worn off. My fast, hard-working fingers had worked the keyboard so much that I wore the lettering off. This is a marvel of pride for me and I am always, always tickled pink when someone comments on "where is the "e"???"

Mi-Mi had joined me at work, with CJ, a few weeks ago. I had meetings so I told her to "have at it" on my computer. When we got home, she told me that we needed to buy me a new keyboard at work because it was broke...she couldn't see the letters.

Overview of the best keyboard ever, complete with orange "#$%&" key and a picture CJ made for me many years ago:

The best keyboard I've ever had, up close:

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