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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hilltop Hideaway 2008 - Day One and Two

Yesterday we spent the day in a nice toasty cabin. Once this puppy warms up, it is WARM.

But along with the fires burnin' in the cabin, we had some heat outdoors which melted most of the snow away. This is the meadow from yesterday's picture of the snow-covered meadow:

Oh yeah, so we went down the mountain once to hit Mast General Store, since CJ was getting a little stir crazy. It was okay for her to be a little stir crazy -- she took full advantage of the beautiful day and played outdoors for the most part.

She and Tim took Brenna down the mountain for a nice walk. They thought they saw Scooter the dog, as well as turkey tracks and wild turkeys. No, they didn't shoot one for our Thanksgiving dinner, even though it appears to be hunting ground...we passed a gentleman with a rifle when we first arrived at our cabin. He gave us a friendly, but stern, mountain-man wave.

I mentioned Mast General Store last year. The first picture in this post is straight from the store. This picture is from one of the narrow aisles of the store, which in this case, is the toy aisle:

Today we went down for a movie. After I finished Twilight and fell in love with Edward Cullen, I had to see the movie. Fortunately, my enthusiasm for the book and movie carried over to the familia, as they were very excited to see it too.

After the flick, we hit Lowes Foods for our Turkey Dinner supplies. Man, these people up here are soooooo nice. Is that the mountain people attitude? The lady at the register went into the spiel of what the Lowes Rewards card could do for us (we knew, but I gave her my ear anyway). She spoke to the girls; the bagger also spoke to us and both offered us help to take the bags out. And not in the 'we have to be nice to our customers' voice...all genuine, or very good acting.

This was the case when we previously stopped at a gas station for directions to the movie theater...well, at least according to Tim. A gas patron *and* the lady worker were both helping Tim with directions and boy, they gave very specific ones: right at the fifth light; right at the second light; left at the first light...and TA-DA!

It was about 3:30 when we headed back and decided to stop at The Ham Shoppe -- another hit from last year. I opted for another Valle Bleu, which is what I got last year. And yes, it was even better than I remembered.

And again: super nice folk. Perhaps they just enjoy touristy business and know how to treat customers. It's a rare find in Raleigh, I tell you that much...but maybe that's why that city is not on any "must vacation" list. BTW, the same old dude from last year grabbed our order this year. Nice to see him still alive. ;-)

We are now hunkered down for the evening. Uncle Phil is making us his fabulous Tex-Mex dip and we'll probably play Rock Band later this evening. It's windy and rainy outside -- perfect for hunkering down.

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