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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hilltop Hideaway 2008 - Day Three and Four

Yesterday was spent entirely indoors. Well, the occasional outing for wood, by me, which is just outside the sliding glass door.

It was a pretty day. Snow of 1-4" was expected but we had intermittent dustings of it. It was pretty to see but none of it stuck around.

The wind gusts were pretty high though. The roof felt like it was going to blow righ off throughout the day. But I felt safe and secure and quite happy doing nothing but reading, surfing, doing crossword puzzles, and playing Wii with the girls. This is my kind of vacation! A great view, a small cabin, a roaring fire, and huddling down with my babies.

Today, Wednesday, we headed out to Boone to do some shopping on their main downtown drag We did this last year where I picked up some great outfits that I think I still have not worn yet.

The leather and rabbit fur jacket I picked up has been my main jacket of choice. It's fur around the collar, which probably doesn't excuse my unjust use, but it is my warmest jacket ever. There is a reason why Indians and Pilgrims used fur...not because it's beautiful but it keeps you warm...

This year our purchases -- MY purchases -- were made at one thrift shop and I bought the outfit 'off-the-rack'. A great tan dress with a tres cool green jacket, made by one of the shop worker's friend. It's not a winter dress, but with the jacket, it will work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way people dress out here. Mountain-like? I don't know, but it's very hippie-ish, which I feel is my calling.

CJ and Mi-Mi went crazy at downtown's Mast General Store (there's at least three locations in our area). They have an amazing candy section where you grab candy out of barrels and put them in a basket to be weighed. I had fun watching Mi-Mi just count out two pieces from nearly every bucket. I had to get some homemade buttermints and those rainbow covered chocolate mints that look like big peanut m&ms. Haven't had them yet but looking forward to it...

We had a great lunch at Our Daily Bread, a very busy deli off the downtown main drag. The servers there were beautiful: men and women. Ours was a perky blonde in nice tight jeans and tank top! I told Tim I wanted to wrap her up and take her home ;-).

The snow is pretty much gone with just a few shaded areas with a bit left. The weather is still very breezy but bright and sunny. It is the best. I love this place. If ever comes a time that I can afford to buy a second home, I would do my darnest to buy this hilltop hideaway.

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