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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hey Bubba, Here I Go Again

I signed up for my highly anticipated Coach Bubba 20K. It'll be on February 21st. I have ran this one for two years now and despite the fact that I end up hating the boring end to this race, there is something really great about this race.

Maybe because it's a smaller race. I noticed that registration is limited to 800.

Maybe because the beginning is really nice -- running through Forest Hills, which is a nice, hilly, older neighborhood in Durham (next year, I am finding Michael Peterson's house...that is, if it's on the route).

Maybe because the local support is awesome. Lots of people show up to run and cheer us on.

And maybe because it is just fun. It is a challenge -- the distance being a hair shorter than a half marathon. The hilly start becomes a flat finish. But I always enjoy it and I'll be looking forward to running it next year with a few of my buddies...again.

Perhaps next year, I won't be left behind. :-)

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