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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The End of Political Campaigns...

Including mine :-). I'm quite happy not to have to post those seething anti-palin rants. I won't miss her but wish her family well.

I'm duly surprised that America has taken a chance with Obama. The irony for me is based on my cynicism of the American people. After all, we clearly voted for dubya four years ago.

My prediction early on was that Hilary and Obama had NO CHANCE. We were not ready for a woman president...or an African American president. And how wrong I was...we were >>this close<< to a woman president and now, we do have an African American president.

A sound victory, IMO, that the years of motivating the young and the apathetic could never do...which was to get them out to vote...and not just vote, but CARE TO VOTE. I find this monumental and I find that a lot of it had little to do with John McCain, but a lot to do with dubya and Obama.

My children, I think, will not realize the magnitude of this election...and I am glad about it. They are witnessing a woman running for the presidential nomination and then, one running for vice-president. And along with that, Obama running too and getting elected. This, I hope, is how they will see how the world is supposed to work and will carry this legacy with them into their lives.

I know it'll be near impossible to eliminate prejudices that my kids will soon learn about, but at least for them right now, they don't see color, gender and hopefully, sexual orientation, as anything to fear. And for the most part, is just part of the 'way of normal life'.

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