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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching Up On Them Beds...

I have a couple of mattress sightings from a reader (thank you Kerry!) that I am finally making the time to post.

And for those of you who find this ODD, well, it is. That's why I post them. But has it made you see more mattresses out on the road? This is not my original thought. It was my husband who had to point out the oddity of seeing mattress "drive" by our car more often than one would think. I mean seriously, how often do YOU buy a mattress? But you'd think, as often as we have noticed mattresses being self-delivered, that it would be common to buy one every other year.

But I have since noticed that there are much more odd pictures being posted out there...course, one can always check flickr but there are those who send tweets with just a pictorial of their day, like taking pictures of their I'm not doing anything like that...YET :-)...but for now, I appreciate the fine art of finding mattresses on cars, or in the case below, on the side of the road...

This one is pretty funny. I have seen mattresses on the side of the road, like dumped, and have been meaning to capture those too. Kerry got this at the end of October:

And this one she caught this past weekend at the I85/I40 split, heading south:

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