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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Book Review: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I don't think I can add any kind of review of this book than any of the other masses of people who have read this. Well, I can by just speaking my own words, although it will probably sound like most other's review of the book.




My friend Kerry mentioned that this 498 page book was a quick read. Ha-ha, I thought to myself. She's a voracious (no pun intended) reader so a 498 page book to her is probably a drop in the bucket.

And now I know what she means. I finished the book in five days and while that is no record for me, the last 300+ pages were read yesterday. I had to FORCE myself to stop reading the book during the week...well, not really force, but my eyes shutting down to a snooze was stopping me from continuing.

And the entire time I read the book, sans the first two or three chapters, my tummy was full of butterflies, I had heart palpitations, and tingles up and down my arms. This is sort of the reaction I had to Jane Eyre, who also had a very strong male character...also named Edwards (I made this connection INSTANTLY).

And while this book is nowhere in the realm, IMO, of Charlotte Bronte's writing style, it did entertain me to no end and the pages flew by and the closer I got to the end, the sadder I got that the story would soon end.

Fortunately for me, I am a late bloomer to the series so I have three more to read that are ready and waiting for me. And there was a teaser at the end of Twilight -- a sneak preview to the next one, New Moon. I thought I could deal with waiting until I read the teaser and then I'm aching to get New Moon NOW.

I will summarize the story: self-concious teenaged girl falls for most-beautiful-adonis-"teen"aged boy who also falls back in love with self-concious girl. Of course, Edward is a vampire. And the girl is not. So this poses a problem.

But what is grand about this book is the building of their relationship, the development of their love. Although there was a little bit of the tumultuousness of Harlequin romance novels (I hate him, but I'm so attracted to him, but I hate him!) in the beginning, the rest of the novel rests on two teenagers falling deelpy in love with one another.

But Edward is dangerous in that he is "feral" and has animalistic instincts that could "kill" the relationship...yes, pun intended. He is overwhelmingly powerful that he must treat Bella (the teenaged girl) like a newborn baby. If he is truly himself, he would kill her instantly.

But on top of that, his animalistic senses has a strong attraction to Bella's scent and there is nothing more tempting than devouring her sweet tasting blood...something he can smell that drives him crazy...sort of like being tempted by any of your weakness for food products. For me, that would be a glass of red wine...

So there is this underlying theme of danger but with love behind it...make sense? Probably not to a majorit of the male species but for me, and I assume most women since this book is such a hit, this is the ultimate romance story. A dangerous man who calms himself because of his love for you...

And Edward does love Bella and the way he shows it is mesmerizing. Stephanie Meyer has his demeanor down perfect that I was constantly aflutter.

I know the movie is out and I certainly plan to watch it. But I'm so glad for this book and look forward to New Moon, which will have to happen after The Red Tent, my next book club choice. After forming an image of Edward in my head, I am slightly diappointed with the actor who is in the movie...even though Edward is only 17 in the book, he seemed much more older (and well,he really is, since he was born in 1901) that I really would have preferred an older actor that _looked_ a bit younger (ala 90210 world)...

CJ wants to read it next. I hope she can get into it like I did. Surprisingly, Tim said he wanted to read it next. I had been recapping the story to Mi-Mi and CJ -- loving Mi-Mi's reaction to my summaries because she would swoon, as I did. Not sure if this book will make Tim swoon but I'll be interested to hear his reaction to it.

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  1. I'm glad you loved it!!! I'm excited that we're doing the series for book club. I think it will be fun to discuss. Gabe plans on reading it soon - hopefully really soon so we can go out and see the movie together! I know if he sees the movie first, he won't read it...