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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Book Review: Firefly Rain by Richard Dansky

I wanted to get one more spooky book in before the end of October, or at the very least, start one before the end of the month and finish it close to it. This is the one I chose, which was on my list for the RIP Challenge.

This was a great pick as Richard Dansky is also an NC native: Morrisville, which is within the Triangle area that I live in. Do I have to repeat how much I like to support local? Yes, I do :-).

Firefly Rain starts off a little depressing for me. Too close to my own life, the main character leaves home and really, turns his back to his mom and dad with rare visits. I liken it to the little birds that learn to fly on their own and leave the nest (and that includes me). I can't say that this was a good or bad thing, but it certainly wasn't what I start a ghost story reflecting on my own issues I have with my own family.

Although the depressing parts eventually went away, unfortunately for me, the book did not improve.

Sure, there were ghosts but eventually, it becomes a very Rosemary's Baby kind of story...without Rosemary or the devil baby.

Dansky is a very wordy writer, writing sentences upon sentences of things about washing dishes, or putting them away, or walking into town. There just wasn't any reason to go on and on about the mundane things.

There wasn't anything too scary about this for me. Nothing stopped my heart, even when things happened. The build up was too much build with not enough up. I did not feel any connection to the main character, Logan (other than the beginning) and if anything, he started to get annoying to me.

I wanted to enjoy this. I really did. This book was part of my "support local", as Dansky is from Morrisville, NC. But there are some local folks that I just can't get into: Margaret Maron and Celia Rivenbark.

It's been awhile since I've had two good books in a row, on top of being able to read a book that really spooked me. Some parts of Duma Key gave me a scare and The Harrowing gave me a good scare. I am beginning to think I need to pick up some of my old haunts by Stephen King to see if I have the ability to get scared by books anymore! Salem's Lot perhaps...unless anyone out there has a good recommendation for a good scare...

For now, I am going to read a book recommended by my 10 year old, who said it's definitely my type with mystery and lots of twists and turns. :-)

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