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Saturday, November 22, 2008

And We're Back!

We made it back to our cabin in the mountains. We spent last Thanksgiving here and a wonderful, memorable time. We hope to recreate that again this year.

Things looked a little different this round. Snow had hit Boone last week and although it wasn't a lot, the area was still covered in it which made for a beautiful entrance.

This is a picture of the meadow upon firt entering the area to start up the road to our mountain hideaway:

This is the road that takes us past Scooter's house...that IS Scooter's house in this picture:

And this is the road that takes us to our cabin -- the house in this picture is the last house before taking the turn at the end of this picture, which took us up to our cabin in fresh, untouched snow:

I got overly excited once I got here so I failed to take pictures of the cabin itself.

Once in the cabin, it was c---o---l---d. Our little cabin has no central AC or heat. Just a big fireplace and some heaters here and there. It took a good three hours to get this puppy warmed up: all the heaters were on, the oven, the stovetop, our jackets, socks and then some.

I had to deal with Mi-Mi's diva fit about her feet and toes being so cold. I put her in our bed, which has an electric blanket and put it on high. I sat on her feet and even laid on top of her, which caused a few giggles only to end up back in tears.

But once the house was nice and toasty, we remained toasty and comfy.

The water line was also frozen upon arriving. I had nowhere to wash my hands for my most anticipated snack: funyons. I poured the pup some water out of the fridge, which quickly froze into ice particles in the bowl...that is how cold it was in the house.

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